6 Reasons Why You Should Add A Butt Plug To Your Toy Box

So, you’ve read our intro to Booty Play, you’ve explored your body hands-on, either solo or with a partner and now you’re feeling ready to discover the wonderful world of booty toys (bonus: we’re offering a special price on all plugs, see below). But where to start?!

Generally speaking, the answer is start small. If you’ve played around with fingers and tongues and love those sensations, starting with a smaller, soft, plug is a perfect introduction. If you’ve already explored penetrative anal sex with a penis or strap-on and found it comfortable, you may actually want to try the sensations of a larger, firmer toy right out of the gate. Either way, here 6 reasons why this toy can take your sexual enjoyment to the next level.

1 - Bums, Everybody’s Got One

There are few toys that can be enjoyed equally by other partner, regardless of the genitalia. So, as long as you’re disinfecting and cleaning the toy completely (more on that here) or using condoms, a plug is fun for everyone! If you’re interested in trying out a toy on your partner or having them use it on you, read our piece on Introducing Toys into Partnered Sex.

2 - You Can Indirectly Stimulate Your G- Spot

Oh yes! Plugs might just be your new favorite way to hit the spot. Inserting the toy takes up space and due to the very thin lining separating the two canals, it gently pushes a dildo or penis forward slightly, making it more likely to come in contact with your g spot. Learn more about discovering your g-spot here. 

3 - Increase Pleasure (For Everyone)

For the same reason that a plug can stimulate your g-spot it can also make penises or dildos feel larger than they actually are, and if you’re partner has a penis, you’ll feel a bit snugger to them too. Depending on the shape of the plug they might also feel a firm stimulation internally as well. Everyone wins!

4 - They’re an Affordable Treat

While it is possible to spend a good chunk of change on some kind of vibrating, rotating toy that connects to your partner’s phone, folds your laundry and makes you dinner (if only!). It’s also super easy to get started with a very small investment. With high-grade silicone toys starting under $20. However, we’re going to take this opportunity to remind you again that cheaper is not always better. The large majority of offending, toxic toys (read more here) are jelly or PVC butt plugs and dildos. Buyer beware but feel confident shopping at Nox, as we only carry phthalate-free, body-safe toys.

5 - It Forces You to Slow Things Down

You can’t rush a good thing, and that includes using a butt plug. There are steps involved in making sure this is a truly enjoyable experience. 1) Lube, lube, lube. We can’t say it enough. Your booty does not self-lubricate. If you’re trying a plug, or any anal play without lube you’re guaranteeing a pretty terrible time. Not sure which lube is right for your toy? Learn more here.  2) Treat it nice. This is a very sensitive and delicate body part, so warm it up slowly and let yourself relax. 3) Tip in the toy. A plug is typically small at the top and then widens and then tappers again before the base but it still needs some coaxing. Angle the toy so the tip is pointing towards your belly button and slowly, slowly help it in. Add lube as needed. Did we mention lube?!

6 - You Can Really Blow Your Socks Off

The entrance to your booty is loaded with nerves and while the plug is in, those nerves are being stimulated. Many people really enjoy receiving oral sex or using an external or finger vibrator (like the Yumi) while wearing a plug. When you have a clitoral orgasm, your muscles will contract around the toy and stimulate them even more. Sounds pretty good, right?!

Remember that sexual enjoyment is incredibly personal and if you try a plug and hate it, that’s ok too. Exploration and discovery mean that you not only find out what you absolutely love but sometimes what you absolutely don’t. Anal sex can be one of the acts that people feel the most pressured into trying by a partner. You know what you like, so make your desires but also your boundaries heard. Try filling out our Yes, No, Maybe list for a fun way to get to know a partner more intimately. Happy exploring!

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