Flex | The Masturbation Sleeve That's Changing the Game

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘masturbation sleeve’?

Most people picture something like the Fleshlight—a stroker modeled after a vagina called a ‘pocket pussy’, that's rarely (if ever) cleaned, and used only by lame (and typically single) cis-guys. Which is a very narrow view of a potentially amazing toy. 

No matter how you feel about those kinds of toys, that seems like a pretty lousy double standard. Everyone deserves to experience pleasure, and there should be no lines drawn around gender or genitalia when it comes to the acceptability of sex toys. Using toys certainly doesn’t mean that you’re lame, desperate or bad in bed, no matter how you self-identify! And though it should go without saying, not everyone who has a penis identifies as a man, or is attracted to vaginas.

It's true that many sex toys are marketed toward cis women and couples, and are often designed to complement a vagina owner’s anatomy. If you have a penis, there aren’t a lot of really well-designed, gender-neutral options on the market, especially when it comes to masturbation sleeves.

Enter the Flex. Created by the masters at Tenga (who are also behind the amazing Iroha line), the Flex is a pretty revolutionary toy that doesn’t assume that just because you have a penis, you want a toy modeled after a vagina. What it does assume is that you love having orgasms, which, duh—doesn’t everybody?

The Flex is distinguished by its spiral-ribbed casing, and a small opening at the top that controls the amount of suction inside the sleeve. We carry the Silky model, whose interior is made of a super-smooth, super-soft elastomer and features different textures, from gently ribbed to grooved to finely detailed nubs. The fit is pretty snug, so you want to play around with the suction and see what feels best for you.

Once your penis is inserted in the Flex, start by lightly covering the opening at the tip to create some suction. Then, slowly, move the sleeve up and down, and you’ll see why this toy is so well-reviewed. Thanks to the unique, spiraled shape of the outer casing, the Flex twists with the motion of your hand to create a seriously mind-blowing sensation. As you move the Flex up and down, the spiral expands and contracts with the movement of your hand for a pretty intense sensory experience. One of our reviewers told us, “Wow—it feels like outer space!”

The Flex comes with a complimentary tiny sachet of Tenga’s house brand lube, but you can safely use this toy with any good water-based lube, like Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer. Silicone and oil-based lubes are not recommended for use with this one. 

Another cool feature of the Flex is that it comes with a built-in drying stand—the cap that protects the toy from dust and lint also doubles as a stand, so it’s super easy to clean. All you need to do is take out the inner sleeve, rinse and leave it on the stand to dry. When you’re done, just slip it back into the casing and put away.

If you’re in the market for a masturbation sleeve, either for yourself or someone else, this is hands down one of the coolest ones available. We love just about anything Tenga, but we think they kinda broke the mold when they made the Flex, no pun intended.

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