We try to cover all of your most asked questions here but if yours isn't listed please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Can I shop here if I'm under 18?

Nope, sorry. Thanks for stopping by but we're afraid you've gotta go. U.S. and Canadian law require you to be 18 or older to order from Nox.


I live in (the name of your beautiful State or Province), how much will shipping cost?

All North American orders over $100 ship free, so treat yourself :)

For orders under $100 we charge a flat rate $10 shipping fee to all North American addresses.

For Expedited Packages shipping will be calculated at the checkout.


What if I live somewhere other than North America?

If you're looking to have items shipped Internationally it will be calculated at the checkout. If the amount is too high for you to justify, please get in touch so we can either find a better way to get it to you or even help you find another local retailer if possible. Everyone deserves sexual happiness.


It's easier for me to ship things to my office/ My nosy roommate is always home. How are your boxes marked?

Shipping is discreet and will not have “Nox” or any other identifier on the package. So, go ahead and order it to your office's front desk. 


How fast can I get my hands on my purchase?

All standard orders ship within 4 business days. Nox is not liable for lost, misdirected or stolen packages, but we will work with the shipper to help you find a missing shipment.


But what if I need it sooner?

If you need express posting please be sure to choose it as your shipping option and we'll get that package to you asap. 


What if I buy something backorder/pre-order?

Sometimes something is so popular we sell out. If you buy something on backorder or pre-order we try to list the next possible shipping date in the product listing. That is the date it would ship out, not the date you would receive it. We will contact you if that date changes.


Can I return something if I decide I don't want it?

All sales are final—for health and safety reasons we cannot accept returns or exchanges, even on unopened merchandise. 

What if you haven't shipped it yet?


If you have immediate buyer's remorse and email us before your order has shipped out then we can issue a refund but will have to charge a 20% restocking fee as we assemble orders as soon as we get them. 


But what if it comes damaged or defective?

If your purchase is damaged or defective, we can grant an exchange within 30 days. Defective products will be returned at buyer’s expense with all original parts and packaging. If your toy stops working after 30 days, you may contact the manufacturer directly for warranty information. If you have a problem with your order, please contact us.


I left my toy's charger at a hotel/my ex-partner's apartment/the library. Can I get another one?

We've all been there but unfortunately we do not carry replacement chargers for rechargeable toys. For a replacement, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Can I take this toy in the bath/shower/swimming hole/waterfall?

Waterproof toys (i.e. safe to use in the bathtub or shower) are clearly marked on the product page. If it’s not noted as waterproof, we do not recommend submerging it in water. Toys with a built-in charger or plug should never be used near water, and spot-cleaned only while unplugged. Nox is not liable for any injury resulting from misuse of any product.

What lubes can I use with my toy?

For information on compatible lubes, cleaning and more, please contact us.


Am I allergic to anything in this product?

For lubricants, body care products and consumable goods, all ingredients are listed on the product page. Please read and review carefully. Nox is not liable for any negative reactions to the products in our shop. 

How do I use my beautiful new toy?

Please research your toy and its proper use before purchase. Nox is not liable for the misuse of any product resulting in medical injury. If you share your toys with partners, make sure to clean them regularly or use them with condoms to reduce the likelihood of STI transmission.



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