What's the A-Spot and How To Find It

The Anterior Fornix erogenous zone aka the A-Spot may seem like it popped out of nowhere.  Like just when you’d mastered the G-Spot and P-Spot, there’s a whole new spot to find. But actually, if you’ve already discovered the pleasure of the outer clitoris or the G-Spot (aka part of the inner clitoris) all you need to do is keep following the clit alllll the way back and you’ll find the A-Spot in no time.

What Is The A-Spot?

If you’re a little foggy on the inner workings of the clitoris, let’s get a few things out of the way. First off, all vaginal orgasms are clitoral orgasms, some are just from stimulating the outer, visible portion and some are from arousing the more internal portion (aka the G-Spot). But few people are aware of just how long the clitoris really is (approx 4” long!) and that if you follow that sucker all the way back, to just near the cervix, there’s another pleasure zone just waiting for you.

How To Find It

Now, if you heard the word cervix and reacted with “I do NOT like the feeling of my cervix being pounded!!” you are not alone, which is why we recommend exploring for this spot with either a well-lubed finger with trimmed nails or a soft, smooth toy first. Try inserting a finger into the deepest point in your vagina. Once you locate a round and firm area, you’ve reached the cervix. Gently move your finger, back and forth along the front wall until you feel something.

Exploring With Toys

While a toy like the Pure Wand is incredible for the hard pressure the G-Spot loves, you want a firm but more gentle pressure for the A Spot. The shape and texture of the Purple Rain is a wonderful option, as it is a long, squishy toy with an elongated head that curves slightly at the top.

If you're looking to find the A-Spot but aren't sure about poking around, the LuzArte Jollet is a surefire way to find it. Shaped like the inside of the vaginal canal, the Jollet offers a really full feeling and is sure to press against the front wall of your vagina, right where the A-Spot is. This toy is made from firm silicone and meant to be set in place rather than thrusted, so expect it to rest on your A-Spot comfortably. 

Positions To Try

If you’ve located the spot and it feels nice to you (it totally might not and that’s ok!) and you want to explore with a partner, you’ll want to try positions where their penis or strap-on are sliding against the frontal wall of the vagina. So, explore a variety of mostly deep and rear entry positions (they should be aiming for your belly button) to see what feels good to you.

Another common way to stimulate the A-Spot might actually be done accidentally, and that’s via anal penetration. The pressure felt in the vagina from the rectum can end up lining up perfectly with the A-Spot, while completely bypassing the cervix. Anal is not everyone’s cup of tea, and is not necessary to explore this brand new pleasure zone. If you're interested in trying to access the A-Spot anally, using a dildo or a curved plug, like the Bubbles, can help you get there 

Like any new exploration, you may find that the A-Spot does absolutely nothing for you, feels uncomfortable or (ideally) is your favorite new spot. Each clitoris is different and is sensitive in its own way. Happy exploring!