So You Wanna Try Sensation Play

Do you like to engage in sensation play?

An accessible kink fun for beginners and experienced players alike, sensation play aims to heighten your senses and sensual responses. You can deprive one sense to heighten others—for example, you may react more excitably to touch, sexual or otherwise, with a blindfold on, 'cause you can't see when it's gonna happen, or with what. For many people, the build-up of anticipation is a total increase in pleasure. 

Best of all, you get to decide what senses to play with, and how hard or how softly you wanna play. Sight, touch, sound, taste, smell—plus toys, there so many combos, so little time! You don’t necessarily need any toys or tools to engage in sensation play, but because we’re us, we’ve stocked up so you can play in comfort and style.

If you’re new to our Restraints & Sensation Play section, or kinky play in general, read on for a few of our faves, including two brand-new, sensational additions...

Dreamy Silk Restraints and Blindfold

These handmade, silk restraints are the perfect introduction to sensation play. They come with an optional matching silk blindfold, which is thick enough to restrict sight, but soft and comfortable for the wearer. The restraints are smooth and silky, but much stronger than they appear! The set is a great way to dip a toe into sensation play, and they're beautiful enough to leave on your bedside table :) 

Entice Passion Wheel

Trust us, this thing is not as scary as it looks! You control the level of sensation with this toy, whether it’s a light, pinprick-y tickle or something sharper ('cause it actually is pretty sharp). For beginners, we recommend rolling the wheel really gently across your partner’s back, stomach or inner thighs—somewhere soft, sensitive and newly ‘exposed’ for a heightened feeling. Plus, rose gold!

Vegan Leather Riding Crop

For a very satisfying thwack across the butt cheeks, or anywhere really, we recommend this new vegan leather riding crop. An approachable ten inches in length, it lets you act out your spankier fantasies without going full-metal-dungeon. Like the passion wheel, you control how soft or hard you want to use this toy.

Silky Pleasure Rope

Also in the restraints category, this smooth, purple nylon rope is for those who want something a little more customizable. Maybe you want to experiment, and maybe you want to practice full-on rope bondage. Whatever your plans are, this stuff will leave you all tied up in the best possible way.

Saffron Paddle 

This cute little paddle can deliver some pretty serious whacks, or be tapped across the body lightly. Made of rich saffron vegan leather, the Saffron paddle isn't quite as stingy as our other paddles, but is perfect for trying out spanks and slaps. 


Bridle Bit Gag

If you're looking to experiment with restricting speech or submission, this cute little gag is a great place to start. A lightweight, wooden bit allows easy airflow while still restricting the wearer, and the vegan leather straps are adjustable and soft and comfortable on skin and hair.  

Free Stuff!

Many household items make for a fun sensation play experience. If you don't have a mask or cuffs on hand, a bandana, necktie or scarf will do (keep safety scissors nearby). And most people have stuff like a hairbrush (nice, prickly bristles), candles (hot, drippy wax. But test it first, some candles burn very hot!), and ice cubes in their freezer (brr!). And remember that household items are not made to be inserted internally (but you knew that, right?!)

So, ready to engage in some sensation play? Make sure to fill out a Yes, No, Maybe list with your partners and talk safety and boundaries first. Check out our Kink 101 guide for more info, and as always, have fun!