Give the People What They Want: New Butt Plugs

 Lovers of anal play, we see you. You're chilling out and looking at our toy selection, clicking on something and thinking, “But can I put it in my booty?” Every time we run a survey in our stories on new products, our followers ask for more anal toys, and every time we look at our blog stats, our posts on booty play reign supreme.

We aim to please, so our latest additions to the shop are cute, affordable and totally made for anal play: the tiny Candy Rimmer and the Discover Vibrating Plug both from Blush. We’ve already got a few good plugs, but we’re super, super excited to add these to our toy box. The anus has the highest concentration of nerve endings right around the opening, so a rimmer or plug is the perfect way to max those out and experience more pleasure.

The surrounding muscles are basically designed to stay clenched shut. Normally, that’s a (really) good thing, but when you’re trying for some anal pleasure, it’s kind of a pain in the butt 😉.  Sticking something in your butt that isn’t made to be there can be tricky, and because the rectum is kinda like a vacuum, things not designed to be there can get, well, stuck. (just ask any nurse or doctor friend, they've seen it all!). A good anal toy will have a shape that complements your anatomy, as well as a flared base, so that it can’t get lost.

Enter Blush, one of our very favorite toy providers! For the inexperienced but adventurous beginner, we recommend the Candy Rimmer. This body-safe silicone toy is not only adorable but approachable—with an insertable length of 1 ¾”, around the size of a thumb, we’d say this is the least intimidating toy if you’re looking to explore anal play for the first time! Its tapered shape lets you experiment with different dilations and is perfect for teasing the area, and even comes with a loop at one end, so you can wear it like a Ring Pop and move it in and out with ease. 

If you’re no novice and looking for more intense stimulation, the Discover Vibrating Plug will be your new best friend. Classically shaped with a handle designed to hug your booty right between the cheeks, this silicone plug comes with a removable bullet vibrator with five speeds and five patterns. We're not mathematicians, but that’s like, basically unlimited amounts of pleasure. It’s a little longer than the Candy Rimmer at 3 ½”,  but tapered too, so that you get to decide how much you want at any given time.  

Pro tip: Its removable bullet vibe can be used anywhere you like, as long as you clean between uses.

And hey, by the way—if you’re reading this on Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got a treat for you! All Blush products are on sale, including these brand-new booty toys, as well as Sola!