Under the Bed Restraint System

$ 62.00

The original (yes, Sportsheets invented it) Under The Bed Restraint System® is easy to set up and includes 4 adjustable cuffs, four restraint straps secured to one connector strap that fits securely under your mattress. The restraint strap quickly fits beneath any mattress with no hooks and adjusts to the size you desire. Easy set-up on any mattress and simple to tuck the straps under the mattress when they're not in use. Sneaky sneaky! 

  • 4 wrist/ankle cuffs 
  • 1 connector strap = 60 inches (152cm) 
  • 4 straps = 60 inches (152cm) 


74% polypropylene, 10% polyester, 8% nickel free metal, 5% hook and loop, 3% ABS plastic 

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