What Are Pinpoint Vibrators? And Why Do We Love Them?

We've just recently entered a time when the design of vibrators is actually taking the people who use them into consideration. We've seen proof of this with brands like Dame creating wearable toys, grinding toys and, an often slept on style of vibrator, the pinpoint vibrator

Most vibrators are designed with a fairly broad head which is amazing for delivering broad, deep, rumbly sensations, but sometimes a hyper-focused vibe with a pointed tip is the intensity you're looking for. If having someone really concentrate on your clit blows your mind, then a pinpoint toy might be for you. 

Here's a list of some of our absolute favorite pinpoint vibrators;

The Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 

Like a Stylus Pen for your clit! This silicone-tipped bullet has a cone tip perfect for pointed clitoral stimulation. The Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet gives off powerful, pinpointed vibrations and its slim shape is super ergonomic- use it with a partner or solo! 

The Dame Kip

Kip is a sleek, versatile vibrator with a strong rumbly motor. The ergonomic shape of the Kip makes it easy to hold, and it can give you broad or targeted stimulation. The pointy tip is great if you enjoy pinpointed stimulation, while the broad, cupped head is perfect for enveloping vibrations! 

The Slay: ArouseMe

This plushy, squeezable, round-bottomed vibe is easy to cup in the palm of your hand and glide across your body. Tipped by a soft silicone stem, this cutie provides pinpointed, deep vibrations. We love the small, cute shape and surprisingly strong vibrations of the ArouseMe! 

The Romp Wave

The Wave plays double-duty as an amazing grinding toy and a pinpoint vibrator. The ridges of the toy are amazing to rub and grind against, or lay on top of. The curvy ridges and pointed tip are firm, but the toy itself is super flexible and bendy.

The Kitti

Double the pinpoints! If you love the idea of a deep rumble surrounding your clit, then Kitti is for you. Each 'ear' has its own individual motor for focused power that envelopes you completely and can gently pinch. Kitti fits in the palm of your hand and is equally amazing as a grinding toy when laid flat on a bed or pillow. 

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