Having Fun With Nipple Play

A frequently under-looked or misunderstood erogenous zone, nipples can add pleasure to solo or partner play for a lot of people, regardless of gender, anatomy or nipple size. 

Nips are absolutely teaming with sensitive nerve endings, which can make stimulating them an amazing sensation for many but also way too sensitive for others. If having your nipples touched is not your thing, that is totally valid so feel comfortable expressing to any partners that it's just not your thing! 

If you're curious to explore your nipples more, here are our tips for incorporating nipple-play into your sex life:

1) Start Slow

Like with most new things, you'll want to start slow. If you've had a partner bite down too hard in the past and wrote off the whole erogenous zone, it might be worth seeing if you like a more gentle feeling. If you're with someone, this might look like gentle kisses but if you're solo you can still try barely touching with finger pads or running something soft (like our Silk Restraints 😉) over your nips. 

2) Work the Whole Area

Take time to gently massage the whole chest area with an edible massage oil like Lover's Oil before amping up pressure. You may find that you love your outer chest being gently rubbed or tickled but that your nipples are just too sensitive to feel good. That's great, now you know one more thing about how your body experiences pleasure. 

3) Gentle Sucking

While having someone gently suck on or lick your nipples might sound amazing, you don't actually need someone else there to experience a similar sensation. Lube up your nips (or try a stimulating gel like Dame Arousal Serum) and gently apply to nozzle of a suction toy (see our collection here)

4) Work up to Biting 

Some people enjoy a bite all on its own, others need to be feeling pleasure elsewhere at he same time and others just really don't like the feeling. Make sure you're in constant communication about what feels good and what you're not into. If it's a feeling and experience you're both into, you can increase the pressure. 

5) Clamp It!

If you've discovered that pressure, either gentle or firm, is a feeling you really enjoy but you want to be able to explore other areas at the same time, clamps and clips are amazing. You can find clamps and clips that are completely adjustable, that let you can leave on so you or a partner can multitask. We have a nice collection with more gentle options like these rings, or adjustable clips that can be amped up, and even have a set that includes a third clip for the clit, if that's something you'd like to explore. 

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