Our 6 Most Gentle Sex Toys

When it comes to vibrators, there's this idea that everyone wants something super powerful but... it just isn't really the truth. Lots of people are sensitive and prefer to only use more gentle toys and others like to mix gentle toys with powerful ones so that the can edge and take their time. Whatever the reason, we love discovering new toys that offer a more gentle experience. Here are our favorites;

The Stick

This cute, portable vibrator from Iroha, masquerades as a lip balm and is equally subtle and effective. Perfect for tossing right into your bag for on-the-go pleasure when you need it, with a soft silicone tip.

The Zen

Firm, powerful vibrators get a lot of attention as the be-all-end-all of sex toys. But what if you like your vibrator to be soft and squishy, to take its time and whisper you sweet nothings? Then the Iroha Zen is your vibrator. Perfect for a 'first toy' or anyone with a sensitive clitoris. This toy is gentle and wildly squishy...and stunning! Designed to look like a matcha whisk, it's rare to find this kind of attention to design in a toy, the swirling ridges give the Zen an amazing texture and it comes in a beautiful matcha green, a turmeric yellow/orange or a blush pink. 

The Kushi

A staff favorite!  When we were first dreaming up Nox this toy was the centre of our mood board. It was everything we wanted Nox to be; beautifully designed, original, and high-quality.  We tried to get our Canadian suppliers to import it but they all said it was too niche and wouldn't sell. We finally met the wonderful people from Tenga Japan and they agreed to ship directly to us. This gorgeous shell-shaped vibrator has a pointed tip, textured ribs and is made of Tenga Iroha's unique ultra-silk and squishy material. 

The Pelle Whim

Whim is a non-vibrating, ultra squishy and soft silicone toy for grinding, rubbing, tribbing and caressing. This set of 2 soft, gently textured toys are meant to caress and envelop the vulva. 
Each of the toys has double-sided waves and grooves for different sensations and intensity. You can use the wide, curvy ridges of Whim for broad sensation, or squish the toy and use the rounded edges for a more direct feel. Whim fits easily in the palm of your hand to caress your vulva, or can be put on a pillow, on your bed or in a harness to grind against. If you're looking for gentle sensations, an extra soft, squishy grinding toy, or an alternative to vibrating toys, Whim is the perfect toy for you! 

The  Minamo

The Iroha Minamo is a luxurious, squishy vibrator with a light curve and soft, flexible ridges. The tip and the bumps along the length of this vibrator are super squishy and silky, while the interior is firm for G-Spot stimulation.

The Rin+

The RIN+ is a gentle, silky vibrator with an incredibly squishy, round head like a marshmallow and curved ridges all over. Iroha designs some of the most thoughtful and beautiful toys around, and the RIN+ is no exception. This is a perfect 'first toy', or a toy for someone with a sensitive clitoris.