Staff Favorites | Nox Co-Founder, Amy

Staff Favorites | Nox Co-Founder, Amy

We get asked a lot about which products we love the most, and while it’s like picking a favorite child, each of us, of course, has a top 5. So here’s the first instalment of Nox Staff Picks, with Co-Founder Amy Johnson;

Hi! My name is Amy and I’m one of two founders of Nox. My background before building this company was actually in styling and interior design and I try to bring that sense of aesthetic into everything we do here. With that in mind, here are my top 5 must-have Nox essentials;

Prism Chakrub

I love my Prism so much, I basically wrote it a love letter. Head over to that piece if you want to hear me wax poetic about why this crystal toy is so much more than a pretty paperweight. I love all the Chakrubs, but the weight of the Prism is what takes it to the top of my list.



If you buy yourself one toy this year, make it a Sona. I’m quite serious. I recommend this unique toy at pretty much every opportunity (don’t invite me to your dinner party if you don’t want to talk about sonic wave sex toys!) While vibrations are amazing, sonic waves are a whole other story. Head to this piece to read more. PS: Pairing a Sona with a Prism is so luxurious it should maybe be illegal.

Tanjun Pipe

Rediscovering an entirely different relationship to cannabis as an adult is definitely a part of my self-care routine. And while I love the meditative ritual of rolling a joint, this pipe is too beautiful not to use. Made in ceramic out of my homeland of British Columbia, this pipe is one part art object, one part pure relaxation accessory.

Love Thyself Bod Oil

I could bathe in this oil! It smells like sexy Christmas if that didn’t sound so weird. A super spicy blend of clove and vetiver in a base of jojoba, apricot kernel oil and rosehip seed oil. I’ve been told it’s equally nice as a massage oil but honestly I mostly use it on myself because it’s a little too good to share.  

Cedar Wood Essential Oil Incense

I’m a Cancer and we need our special space it feel right, look right and smell right. For me, smell is everything. While I was definitely no stranger to Nag Champa growing up, this handmade incense is so much more elevated and refined. Made in small batches in Toronto, they soak charcoal in really beautiful essential oils rather than synthetic perfumes which means that even just taking a sniff of the package is relaxing.

If I had room to list more things, you’d be sure to find Cuffies, Gem and Hop Trix in there, but there you have it, my Top 5 Nox treats. Which top 5 items are on your wish list right now?



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