Staff Favorites | Nox Co-Founder, Amy

We get asked a lot about which products we love the most, and while it’s like picking a favorite child, each of us, of course, has a top 4. So here’s the first installment of Nox Staff Picks, with Co-Founder Amy Johnson;

Prism Chakrub

I love my Prism so much, I basically wrote it a love letter. Head over to that piece if you want to hear me wax poetic about why this crystal toy is so much more than a pretty paperweight. I love all the Chakrubs, but the weight of the Prism is what takes it to the top of my list.


If you buy yourself one toy this year, make it a Sona. I’m quite serious. I recommend this unique toy at pretty much every opportunity (don’t invite me to your dinner party if you don’t want to talk about sonic wave sex toys!) While vibrations are amazing, sonic waves are a whole other story. Head to this piece to read more. PS: Pairing a Sona with a Prism is so luxurious it should maybe be illegal.


I could bathe in this oil! It smells like mint chocolate but naturally, the smell comes from essential oils and cocoa butter and is integral to how it works. I like to apply it right after having a bath and then to let it sink in a little. Like most CBD products, it relieves more than it adds. It relieves tension, irritation, and pain and increases blood flow. Like sex on a cloud. I also apply it during the end of my period to relieve muscle soreness. 

Glass Wand

Truly a magical wand! I love the smooth, cool texture that glass offers. It's perfect for solo use with my Sona or with a partner. It's so simple, so beautiful and so affordable. Dildo perfection!

If I had room to list more things, you’d be sure to find Silk Restraints of Your Dreams, Pure Wand and Hop Trix in there, but there you have it, my Top 5 Nox treats. Which top 5 items are on your wishlist right now?