Meet ShotPocket | A Community Review

One of the most important elements in building Nox was for it to be an inclusive space where people could find a curated selection of special goodies for their sex life. For us that means offering toys that stimulate all kinds of bodies. In the midst of our hunt for unique new offerings, an Instagram DM came in asking us if we had heard of the ShotPocket. We had not. After a quick Google we discovered that not only was the ShotPocket an amazingly well-reviewed toy for post-T trans people, it was also lovingly handmade from high-quality silicone by PitStop in nearby Toronto. We immediately reached out to PitStop to get their (very cute) sleeve into our shop as fast as possible. While we have our own reasons for loving this toy, like its amazing reviews, quality, design and price point, as cis women we couldn’t really give you a firsthand account. We always like to provide as much information as we can on how our toys work, and most importantly, how they feel.

We decided to put out a call on Instagram for someone who had taken testosterone (and thereby experienced some  growth) who might be interested in taking it for a test-drive. We were overwhelmed with responses and are happy to share with you the firsthand review by Nox community member Kyler.

Take it away Kyler!

Hello all, I’m Kyler. I’m a 22-year old trans man who has been on testosterone for about 4 years. I first heard about the opportunity to try out the ShotPocket through a friend on Instagram. She messaged me mentioning Nox was looking for someone to test a new toy and told me to check it out if it might be something I was interested in. Normally, I would just ignore those kinds of prompts honestly, because I feel like I already have what I need. And because I’m just stubborn. But for whatever reason that day, I thought to myself “sure, try it out ya stubborn ass”. 

Man. Am I glad to have tried it out.  

Initially, I had my doubts. I watched a review of it online and thought that I *personally* might be too small to actually enjoy what the ShotPocket was intended for. I have seen other sleeve-like items that I knew I would be too small for. So I went into it with a little hesitation. But any and all doubts were wiped away within minutes of trying this out!!

I was happy to receive it very inconspicuously through the mail, and seeing as it came from Canada and had to go through customs I was happy to see it was just labeled as a “Novelty Item”. So to anybody who has hesitations about ordering things online sometimes (because I do) the packaging is just fine! 

Anyways, skipping ahead to the fun part, it comes in a cute little black pouch, which is nice for convenient and easy for travel. Using it on myself was a little weird at first, as I was trying to figure out the right pressure, angles, suction and all that. But that was also the fun part too 😊 Once you find the right spot and with a little bit of 

After my first go round with this little guy, I had to try it again. It felt amazing. I’ve never felt so comfortable with any toy I’ve owned. I don’t have much bottom dysphoria but it made the small amount that I do have evaporate instantly.

Needless to say, this is now my new favorite toy to use and I’m so glad I decided to try it out. Not only is it a great product that I’d recommend to any transmasc/trans guy but it was a pleasure working with Amy at Nox through email and having them mail it to me! From start to finish! (Pun intended) 

The ShotPocket is a wonderful product and targeted to an audience that doesn’t get very much attention in the community, so I’m happy to have found it, enjoyed it, and will continue to vouch for this wonderful toy made by trans men for trans men! 

Thank you so much Kyler! Click here for more info on the ShotPocket.