Chakrub Review | How I Became a Crystal Sex Toy Believer

 At Nox we pride ourselves on carrying well designed, high quality products, but when we first added the Chakrubs crystal toy collection to the shop, we admit it was largely due to their stunning look and cult popularity. It took a minute for us to realize that they’re much, much more than gorgeous crystals and that the reviews from users like “Instead of racing to an orgasm, Chakrubs makes me present enough to want to slow down and enjoy the process.” and “Not only does Chakrubs combine both pleasure and beauty, it transforms the experience of self love…” have a lot of validity.

Our co-founder took the matter of testing them into her own hands. Here’s her personal journey from slight skeptic to Chakrubs champion.

So—crystal sex toys. Believe me, I get it. They seem like a (slightly inappropriate but beautiful) paperweight at best, and total new age nonsense at worst. When my co-founder Rachel and I had the idea to launch Nox, we wanted to offer not only stunning sex toys and accessories but high-quality products that worked for everybody. Well, how do you decide if a crystal dildo ‘works’?

Chakrubs was a reputable woman-run brand making gorgeous toys out of body-safe, non-porous crystals, so we took a chance and added them to our selection. But did we believe that they ‘worked’? At the time, we thought no better than a glass toy of the same shape and size. We test all of our electronic toys before carrying them, because motor power, control, and sound make a huge impact on your experience. But at first, we didn’t see the need to test the Chakrubs.

Now, full disclosure, I am from the West Coast. You will smell incense burning in my living room, my 5-year old has a slightly whimsical name and yes, you can find a handful of decorative crystals on various surfaces of my home. But do I know the crystals’ names and powers? Absolutely not. When we chose the Chakrubs for the store we selected them based on how pretty they were, and they are very pretty, but we didn’t do much research into their intended uses. We liked the clear one (ok, we know what quartz is)  and the pink one, and that was that.

Eventually, after reading countless reviews from people saying their Chakrub changed their lives, I decided it was my due diligence to try one out. (Hard job, I know). I chose the Quartz Prism, mostly because of how simple and impressive it was (and beautifulhave I mentioned that they’re really beautiful?). The Prism felt much more substantial than a glass toy.

This toy, and toy seems like the wrong word for these objects, felt like it should be used alone first. So that’s just what I did.

I can categorically say that using the Prism was one of the more unique experiences I’ve ever had with a sex toy. Whether you ‘believe’ in the healing properties of crystals (and I might just be changing my tune on that as well), there is something really precious about using such a special and beautiful object on yourself (or, it turns out, with a partner). It’s a totally different experience. It’s like going to get a massage, or using that organic body oil you only use a few drops of at a time because it’s so expensive. It feels like a special treat, an indulgence. There’s no motor, bumpy texture or easy route to the finish line, meaning a Chakrub almost demands that you take the time to check in with yourself.  

The weight of the toy is almost shocking—basically encouraging your body to hug it. On top of that, the quartz holds onto temperature. You can chill the wand in cold water, or heat it up in warm water, and then allow it to match your body temperature. It’s hard to put into words but it’s an absolutely intimate experience completely different than silicone, steel or even glass.

Despite my initial skepticism, I had a good cry and then felt completely light and clear-headed (and a little bit high) for the rest of the day, and not just in an ‘afterglow’ kind of way. Maybe it was psychosomatic, and maybe it was the crystals—who am I to say? One thing’s for sure, I’m a Chakrubs convert who is keeping their Prism in (very) heavy rotation, and I’m prouder than ever to carry this amazing brand in our shop.

 xo Amy

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