New Wave | How Sonic Waves Will Change Your Sex Life Forever

 Here’s the low-down on the Lelo Sona, why we chose it, why you’ll love it and how it actually works.  We all know that navigating the endless styles, brands and features of pleasure toys can be completely overwhelming. This is one of the reasons we offer a small curated collection—so you can feel totally confident in the toy you’re treating yourself to. And while all of the items in our shop are unique in their own way, their functions, for the most part, are pretty self-evident. Once in a while though, something really new and innovative comes along that requires a little more explanation.

Everyone is talking about the new wave of ‘no contact’ clitoral stimulators, from the Womanizer to the Satisfyer, but we didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and carry them all just because they were trendy. 

While The Sona might have a similar shape and purpose to the above-mentioned toys, the technology, sensation, and design are on a totally different level. First off, we wouldn’t necessarily categorize this as a ‘beginner’s’ toy—not because it’s complicated, but because it means serious business! This is an intense sensation that can take some getting used to, but once you do it’s a total game changer and you (and your clit) will never look back.

Secondly, it’s not a suction toy. Rather than the classic rumble of a vibrator or the suction of a Womanizer, the Sona uses reverberating sonic waves (🔊 !!) and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris, not just the part you can see. In fact, the Sona is designed to stimulate up to 75% more of the clitoris than other toys.

 Ok, what does that even mean? Here’s a simple way to imagine the difference:

Your favorite vibrator = A motor running, that can be revved to low or high intensity

A Satisfyer/ Womanizer = A vacuum that stimulates through suction or air pressure

The Sona = Sonic waves, like feeling the bass from an amp at a concert

 Like standing in front of a huge speaker, the ‘thumping’ sensation from the Sona barely needs to touch you in order to work. In fact, we recommend almost hovering the tip above your clitoris to start. This is another thing that might take some getting used to—typically the closer you are to an orgasm, the harder you want to press. Rather than push the Sona against you, try upping the intensity or better yet, back off a little. Orgasms can come fast and hard with this toy, so we suggest a little ‘edging’ to maximize your pleasure. The Sona comes with 8 stimulation patterns, so there’s lots of room to extend the play.

Because it’s not rubbing or pressing against you, you can have back to back (to back, to back…) orgasms without any issue. The sensation feels like it comes from deep inside you, rather than being applied externally. While everyone’s experience will vary, a prolonged, ‘full body’ orgasm is quite common with this toy, as it’s pulsating the deepest part of your clitoris. And you can really, REALLY feel the difference! The Sona can easily be used along with an insertable toy (Chakrubs!) if that's a feeling you prefer, as it's small and ergonomic enough to stay out of the way. It’s also totally waterproof and isn’t dulled by being submerged, so take it in the tub, the shower, a waterfall... wherever!

If you can’t already tell, we love this toy. Its innovative design and function are unlike anything we’ve ever seen or felt. The Sona may not be for everyone, and really, no toy is. But those who love it, including us, sure do love it a lot!

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