Our 7 Most Powerful Sex Toys

Discreet toys and gentle vibrators are great for a lot of people. But sometimes you're just looking for POWER! 

If you're looking for intensity, you'll want to get either a rechargeable or plug-in toy, batteries typically can't offer the kind of power you're looking for. Good thing plug-in toys have come a long way (and have a long cord!) so you shouldn't dismiss them as old-fashioned, they truly offer the most power and, they never die half way through because you forget to recharge them ;) 

Let's start with our 2 favorite plug-in vibrators:


If you love the power of a wand massager, but want something with a cuter look than the classic Magic Wand, the sky blue Le Wand might be the perfect fit. This plug-in massager is strong and rumbly with a broad silicone head. This toy comes with an 8-foot cord, making it easy to use anywhere. We love Le Wand's stylish update on a classic toy! 

Also available as a smaller, cordless model here. 


Speaking of the original Magic Wand, it's been improved! At Nox we promise to always bring you the crème de la crème. So we were hesitant to add the Hitachi Magic Wand into the mix (despite its cult following and incredible power) because of its porous vinyl head. But wait! Here comes the Magic Wand Plus! With a non-porous silicone head and a slimmer plug-in cord, making storage much easier. What's not to love?!  

Also available as a rechargeable, cordless model here. 


Is this is most powerful vibrating dildo we've ever seen? You better believe it!! When beloved toy review Phallophile puts a toy on their 'Most Powerful Toys of the Year' list with the subtitle 'Most powerful dildo ever?' you bet we're going to test it out. This toy is truly, truly wild. You can easily use it as a wand, as it's just as powerful as most external wands out there and then also use it internally with the 'ball' flipped so its ridges and vibrations are up against your clit or perineum. 


Powerful toys don't need to be big! 

When you first look at the Tango it's hard to understand the (extreme) hype. It's a simple, firm, little lipstick shaped vibrator. But those who've tried it know that it's so SO much more! The Tango ranks in top toy lists for pretty much every reviewer and enthusiast out there for its deep, powerful rumbles in a bullet with pinpoint pressure. Don't listen to us, go Google 'We-Vibe Tango reviews', we'll be here when you're ready. 


Now we're cooking with fire! The Sona is for anyone who loves strong (and we mean strong!) clitoral stimulation. Unlike a vibrator, this toy doesn't even need to come in close contact with you to work, so you'll never get sore. (What?!)

The Sona uses sonic waves to pulsate your entire clitoris, including its internal structure, not just the external part that you can see. We recommend starting on the lowest setting and hovering the toy lightly on your clit, edging up through the 8 settings slowly. Imagine the feeling of standing in front of a huge speaker—you don't need to push your body against it to feel the bass. Learn More About Sona here. (For people who have taken testosterone and experienced some growth, we recommend the Liberty, with its larger opening.) 


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a super-powered g-spot vibrator with a girthy dildo and sprinkled in a dash of Pure Wand? Well, now we know! The Swan Wand is everything you love about a wand, but insertable, 'bath proof' and double-ended! It has one super bulbous end and one slimmer end, each with its own motor, and what a motor it is! The entire toy is coated in silicone (yes it only comes in hot pink but we promise it's worth it), so you can take this wand to the tub, and we totally recommend that you do. Miracles do exist.  


We've covered external toys and internal toys, but what if you want both?! At once! You can't beat the Nova 2. It has a broad and firm interior shaft with a soft tip that slides against the g-spot perfectly. The flexible exterior arm easily glides to stay in place through any thrusting or grinding. The Nova 2 is innovative and really delivers both powerful clitoral and g-spot stimulation. You can use We-Vibes app, We-Connect, to control the toy remotely (we're looking at you, long-distance partners!), sync the vibrations to your favourite music, or create your own vibration patterns.