Rabbits & Blended Orgasms

 What is a blended orgasm and just what does a rabbit have to do with it?

 To put it simply, a blended orgasm is that mind-expanding moment when some people are able to stimulate the external and internal part of the clitoris just the right way and at the exact same time, and (the right) rabbit is the toy that can help you do just that.

As we always say, everybody’s stimulation and sexual enjoyment is different, but if you’re looking for a fun new challenge to keep you busy, we highly recommend this one :) While a blended orgasm with a partner is completely possible (and potentially completely amazing), sometimes a tool built specifically for the task at hand is a good place to start.

Rabbit vibrators first came into the mainstream thanks to an episode of Sex and the City, in which Miranda encourages the whole gang to get “the Rabbit”a bubblegum pink vibrator full of pearls, with little rabbit ears attached. It’s so good that Charlotte gets ‘addicted’, resulting in an intervention. There are about a million things wrong with this episode if you go back and watch it, like the conversations about partners vs. sex toys (it was 1998) but they did manage to get one thing right—that a toy built to stimulate both internally and externally simultaneously can dish up some pretty mind-blowing orgasms.

Since then, about a billion different versions of the ‘rabbit’ style vibrator have been invented. Some very cute, some very complicated and some just downright inefficient. We chose two more unusual styles for Nox: The curvaceous, innovative Nova 2 and the Womanizer Duo (air pressure and g-spot stimulation? Yes please!).

A more old-school, classic rabbit vibe with a rotating internal portion and an external arm with ‘ears’ can be a really tricky fit for a lot of people. If those ears aren’t hugging in exactly the right spot, it can be a total buzzkill. That’s why we’re so into The Nova 2. While this ‘rabbit’ doesn’t actually have ears, the smart design allows for more evenly spread clitoral stimulation by way of a flexible external arm that can bend to be pressed up against your body, which is way more likely to hit the spot (see GIF animation above). The internal arm is curved and more firm, to apply just the right pressure to your g-spot. Each arm has its own motor, a slightly more gentle vibe for your clit and a deeper, more rumbly vibe in the internal portionlike, very deep and verrry rumbly, so much so that it might become your new favorite clit vibe when used externally.

On the other hand, if the idea of penetration and oral sex simultaneously sounds good to you then the Womanizer Duo (excuse the name..) is going to blow your gosh-darned mind! 

When you’re working toward a blended orgasm, taking your time and being a little more gentle with your clit is key, as you need to be fully aroused in order for the internal portion of your clitoris (aka the g-spot) to even become sensitive. (If you haven’t read our G-Spot Guide, it’s a great place to start.) This is a ‘lazy Sunday afternoon’ orgasm, not a ‘sneaking a quick one in before going to meet your friends’ orgasm.

Try going back and forth with the internal part, applying just a little bit of the full force vibration on your clit before inserting it again. The outside of your vagina, just around the opening, is a touch-sensitive area, and playing around with insertion outside of partnered sex might help you figure out the right rhythm for you. Most rabbits have a natural internal curve that you’ll want to encourage towards the front vaginal wall, facing your belly. Take it nice and slow, pay attention to what feels good and take note! 

While we can’t guarantee you’ve got a blended orgasm coming your way, no matter what toys you buy or what 'twisted pretzel' positions you try, we think it’s definitely worth exploring. Everyone’s body, enjoyment and experience will always be differentbut experiencing new sensations on your own will help you understand exactly what your body wants and enjoys. And hey, if you’ve got a rabbit in your hat then at the very least, you’ve got one heck of a powerful vibrator on your side. So hop to it! 

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