Staff Favorites | Designer, Margaux


We get asked a lot about which products we love the most, and while it’s like picking only one ice cream topping, each of us, of course, has a top 5. When we were searching for the perfect team to help build our vision of Nox, we found a million different amazing designers. But we needed one that truly understood our dream of a comfortable, inclusive sexual health environment. Enter the amazing Margaux Fraisse. With an artistic eye like no other and an eagerness to test out any (and every) new toy in the shop, she was the only one for the job. Here are Margaux's top 5.


Hi 👋 I'm Margaux, a Graphic Designer and Art Director. I got involved with the ladies at Nox, out of similar passion and interest in their essential mission. Here are my five very favorite products in the shop!



Vibrators never really did it for me. I’d start feeling numb and annoyed as it would edge me more than it would make me come. Don’t get me wrong, edging is fun sometimes, but there are days when all you want is an efficient and deeply liberating orgasm. When I moved to a new apartment in Montreal I realized that my shower pressure was particularly strong (bless!) and the shower head had those multi-jet settings (double bless!). I’d run the rushing stream on my clit and it would give me incredible orgasms. But longer than usual showers weren’t so eco-friendly.

To me, the Sona feels exactly like those pulsing jets. The vibrations are intense but enveloping, I get lost in the sensations until I feel transported into the parallel mind universe of orgasm. The batteries last for a long time as well. I traveled for two months in Japan with my mother, and even though I was using it daily for "little morning sessions" as she would call them, I didn’t have to recharge it once. Another cool story, my female lover had just ordered one from Nox and I used it on her for the first time. She squirted all over, which she isn’t used to, in like 45 seconds (!!). If you have a clit, this is a revolutionary toy, don’t miss out, get it now. (Seriously, now!)


Glass Wand

There are two glass dildos sold at Nox, the Gem and the Glass Wand, and honestly, I have a really hard time deciding my preference. Both have been thoroughly used and shared between me and my partner, and we both love their versatility. Aesthetically, the Glass Wand is such a beautiful object. Just like my design work, I love my toys to be very minimalist yet on point. Not only does it look like a dreamy unicorn horn, but the gradual shape is thrilling if you start playing with anal for example. Unfortunately, one evening while using it in combination with the Sona, a strong orgasm shot it out of my body (!!) and it shattered all over my bathroom tiled floor. Glass has a delightful heaviness, and is super strong but it’s still a fragile material if you smash it on the hard ground 😬. The Gem came as a replacement and it’s been lovely to use because it’s kinda 2 in 1. Angle it right and it will rub, poke and hit all the right spots perfectly.

Silky Pleasure Rope

Honestly, the Silky Pleasure Rope is much lovelier than the ones I previously owned, which came from the ropes and chains aisle at your truly DIY sex shop, Home Depot. No more burn marks! They feel soft and comfortable as long as you don’t get too tight, which you probably shouldn’t in the first place. So get yourself a couple of them, read our Intro to Bondage, watch YouTube tutorials and tie your partner up with love and care.



I only started to understand the sheer importance of lube when I introduced butt play into my sexual practice. Uberlube feels soft and soothing and it doesn’t smell like bad perfume (or good perfume, or anything at all really). It lasts, however insatiable you are, and washes off pretty easily. Apply it thoroughly and it really makes all kinds of penetration easier and way more enjoyable.


Icicle No.26

My fifth pick is actually my partner’s favorite, because sharing toys (carefully) makes for pretty fun times :) These are his words: “The Icicle No. 26 was my first plug. While it may have been a bit of stretch (ha ha) after having been only penetrated by needling fingers and swirling tongues, I am utterly satisfied with and by the Icicle. Even without complete insertion the Icicle’s gradual girth allows for some exploratory probing pleasure for beginners looking to push their limits. Once the plug is pushed past its widest, snug as a plug can be, it is sad to imagine my ass without it. Imagine the pleasurable weight of a paperweight in your hand, but in your bum. The weight or girth aren’t overpowering. One can strut normally, and naughtily, to the grocer. That is, if you make it out the bedroom (I often don’t).” There you have it!


Thanks Margaux! 💋