Between The Stacks - Erotica Short Story

Content warning: Public Sex


The library wasn’t where I wanted to be on a Saturday night. I silenced my phone as a flood of texts came in about weekend plans. People were out there drinking, dancing, and fucking, and I was here pouring over my notes on the brain and what each part did. I’d given up feeling sorry for myself, realizing it didn’t get me anywhere.  

I flipped through the textbook and relished the breeze it created, the AC had been out for weeks in the library but no one seemed to care. My fault for thinking summer classes were a good idea. My eyes caught a glimpse of a naked body as the pages flew by and suddenly all the blood rushed to my sex. I tried to think of the last time I masturbated and couldn’t. I slammed the textbook, trying to get the thought out of my head. It would be hours before I got home, best to forget about my urges.

I looked out the window and a couple was sitting on the lawn, they were in each other’s arms. Their skin was glowing and their teeth were gleaming, perfectly lit by the setting sun. They kissed and then broke away, staring into each other’s eyes. I tried to think of the last time I kissed someone like that and couldn’t. I looked back to my book and realized my face was flush - I couldn't take it anymore. I looked around, making sure no one was sitting nearby. I looked through the stacks and could see the librarian sitting at the front desk. 

I reached my hand down and slowly spread my legs. My thighs were slippery with sweat, I reached under my skirt and paused, wondering if I would go through with it. Looking around to be sure no one was watching, I carefully pulled my panties to the side. My lips were already wet, I pressed into them until I felt my clit underneath. Slowly, I started to move my finger, creating tiny circles that felt like tiny bursts of electricity that filled my body. With my other hand, I casually opened the textbook, pretending to be absorbed by the pages. My breathing got heavier - a bead of sweat inched its way down my neck and between my breasts. I looked down, realizing that my nipples were hard and showing through my thin shirt. 

Just then I heard a sound, I looked between two stacks and realized someone had dropped a book. They bent down to pick it up and I noticed their shorts pulling taught around the thighs and crotch. I quickly snapped my hand out from under my skirt and nervously placed it on the table. My fingers were wet, my juices soaked the paper under them. I looked back to the stacks and the stranger was walking toward me, my whole body went stiff with nervous anticipation. 

“Sorry to bother you, but you’re in my psych class right?” 

“Uh, I don’t know.” 

“I missed last week, do you think I could make a copy of your notes?”

“Ya, sure.” 

I looked down at my notepad and realized that there was still a wet spot under my fingers, I quickly turned the page, trying to hide my secret. I found the notes and stood up, I could feel my panties slide back into place.



“I’ll come with you to the copier, I could use a break.” 

We walked through the stacks together, making small talk, when suddenly they placed a hand on my shoulder. I stopped to face them and they were looking down, like a dog who had just done something bad. 

“Listen, I have to confess something. This whole note thing, I’m sorry, it was kind of just an excuse to talk to you.” 


“I just feel stupid now but I’ve had a crush on your forever.” 

Something inside of me took over. I pushed the stranger up against the stacks and my lips were on theirs. I felt their firm tongue push and interlock with mine. God, they tasted sweet.  I pulled away, out of breath. 

“Is this okay?” 


I took their hands and put them on my breasts, their grip was firm and passionate. I pressed my body up against theirs and felt their sex grow in their shorts. I pulled my shirt up and they eagerly took my nipples in their mouth, they gently bit down and a jolt of pleasure shot through me. I could feel the wetness between my legs, soaking my underwear and mixing with my sweat. I took their fingers and greedily slipped them into my mouth. When they were covered in spit, I guided their hand under my skirt, sliding my panties down until they fell to my ankles. I couldn’t get enough. Their fingers slipped inside of me and I let out a sharp moan. I covered my mouth but the restriction only made it more exciting.

I turned around and pulled up my skirt, offering my bare ass to the stranger. They bent down and sunk their teeth into my soft flesh. I let out another loud moan. Through the stacks I could see the librarian, she looked up from her desk and surveyed the library with curious eyes - trying to find the source of the noise. 

“Put it in me, please.” 

The stranger held their sex on my clit and rocked back and forth, the friction nearly made my knees buckle. They filled my hole and I gasped, nothing had felt as good as this. I could still see the librarian at the desk, but my eyes went blurry with pleasure. I buried my face into the books on the stack and felt the soft, fabric against my face. 

“I’m going to cum, don’t stop.”

My juices were dripping down my thighs, the stranger leaned forward and I could feel their soft breath on the back of my neck. My legs started shaking as I inched further and further to orgasm. I grab the stranger's hand and put their fingers in my mouth to keep from screaming. I pushed back and met the pace of the stranger, whispering under my breath that I was going to cum. The walls of my sex quivered and grasped around the stranger inside of me as I let out one final, muffled moan. Leaning over, still shaking and out of breath, I looked down at my panties that were around my ankles. I let out a quiet laugh and looked back at the stranger who was still inside of me. 

“Do you want to get out of here?”

“I’d love to. Let’s go.”