Oui Chef - Erotic Short Story

I took the rag off my shoulder and threw it on the floor on my way out the back door. Behind me, I could hear the sounds of hissing, clanking, shouting, and sweat - I fucking hate working in this kitchen. It had been the second time I burnt myself this week. The cool night air hit me as I stepped out and took a deep breath. My finger throbbed. I put it in my mouth and felt the heat radiate onto my tongue. 

“You okay?”

I hadn’t noticed Chef, they were squatting up against the brick wall, the ember from their cigarette lit their face. 

“It’s nothing, I’m fine.” 

They flicked their cigarette and approached with unshakable calmness, I could feel my heart beat in my chest as they got closer. They took my finger and looked at it. I could feel their warm breath on my hand as their chest rose and fell. I think this was the first time they had touched me - all the blood rushed to my cheeks. 

“Make sure you wrap it when you go in.”

“Yes, Chef.” 

They disappeared back into the kitchen. I kicked the ground, feeling like a child, and then leaned up against the cool brick wall, looking up at the starless sky. 


The last of the customers had left and things were quiet. The rest of the workers sat at the bar and celebrated surviving another shift over drinks. I was still buzzed from the service, like I had drank too much coffee. Sweeping up was my favourite part, I looked around at the containers filled with sauces, garnish, peels, and spices. Being alone in the kitchen made it all worth it, as long as I didn’t have to go home yet. I picked up a Rubbermaid of limes and headed for the walk-in. 

The cold air of the walk-in felt good on my prickled skin. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, feeling the crisp air fill my lungs. I stepped up on the stool and stretched as I heaved the Rubbermaid onto the top shelf. The door of the walk-in clicked open and I turned to look. I felt a foot slip off the back of the stool and was suddenly falling backward. My suspended body was caught by a warm mass - I felt two, strong arms wrap around me and hold me still. I looked back and into Chef’s face,  my eyes grew wide with embarrassment. 

“God, I’m such a klutz.” 

Chef let out a good-natured laugh, one that rose up from their belly. 

“I’m just glad I was here, we don’t need any more accidents today.” 

They slowly released me and I was filled with sadness, not wanting to leave their arms.

“How’s that finger?”

I slowly unwrapped my bandage and held up my finger for their gentle inspection. 

“Looks okay, I don’t think it should blister.” 

“Ya, it’s good now. It was just a stupid mistake.”

“Don’t beat yourself up, you’re the most promising cook on the line.” 

Involuntarily, a smile spread across my face - I looked down at the floor, not wanting to give my feelings away. 

“Come here,” Chef whispered excitedly, “I want you to try something.” 

They produced a crude basket of small strawberries and handed me one. I bit into it and its juices exploded in my mouth. I tongued the seeds and flesh as its sweet, tartness covered my palette. 

“Oh my god, this is amazing.” 

I watched as Chef wrapped their lips around the flesh of the fruit, biting into it with their sharp teeth. Suddenly, something came over me and I couldn’t hold back. I pushed them up against the shelves of the walk-in, the Rubbermaid of limes fell from the top shelf and made the sound of heavy rain on the floor. Chef tasted like the strawberry, nothing felt as vibrant and strong as their tart tongue on mine. Chef pulled back, looking at me, astonished.

“Should we be doing this?”

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.”

“I want you too.” 

I buried my fingers into their hair and tugged on the back of their neck. My hands explored their body frantically, I lifted up their shirt and relished in feeling their strong chest beneath my fingers. I made my way down their neck and took a nipple in my mouth, playfully clasping it between my teeth. They moaned with pleasure, a sound I’d never heard from them. I took their hand and lead it to the outside of my pants. They applied pressure and I could feel my clit pulsate through my lower body. I knew I was wet already and frantically worked my pants down around my shoes, kicking them off with excitement and anticipation. Chef dropped to their knees and took my underwear in their teeth, they ripped them off at one side. I gasped, shocked at how confident and forward they had become. 

“God, you’re so fucking sexy.” I quivered, not recognizing the sound of my own voice. 



Open-mouthed, they eagerly pressed their face into my sex, I could feel their warm mouth being met with my juices. Spit dripped down my thigh as they began to devour me. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, stars filled my eyes as my body began growing tense with pleasure. I gripped the back of their head, their tongue lapped my clit as I grew closer to climax. 

I opened my eyes and a container caught my eye, it was filled with cucumbers I had washed during prep. I grasped at the shelves, straining to reach them while keeping Chef’s face where I wanted. As soon as I had one I handed it to Chef. 

“Please,” I gasped, “Use this.” 

They lapped and drooled on the cucumber until it was shining with their spit. I watched as the beads of warm liquid dripped down its sides. Chef put their mouth back on my clit and slowly filled me with the length of the cucumber. My sex pulsed and I let out a loud and steady moan.  We moved as one as they slid the cucumber in and out of me, pausing at moments to suck my juices off the crisp tip of the cucumber. 

  “Faster, please, I’m almost there.” 

They moved their mouth up and down on my clit to match the rhythm of the cucumber, I couldn't catch up with my own breath - I looked down and my nipples were hard, rubbing against the inside of my shirt and causing an incredible sensation. Finally, my legs shook with orgasm as Chef took my engorged clit in their mouth and sucked steadily. I grabbed the shelf to steady myself. Chef caught me under my ass and held me, keeping my legs from buckling completely. Chef removed the cucumber and I could feel the spit and juices run down the insides of my thighs. They steadied me and stood up so we were face-to-face once again. I gave them a long kiss, tasting the carnal liquids on their lips and cheeks. 

I smiled and fell into their chest, hearing the loud sound of a crunch as Chef took a bite from the cucumber. I laughed and wiped the sweat from my forehead, taking a deep breath of the frozen walk-in air. I looked into Chef’s eyes with gratitude, months of tension had melted away in minutes. 

“Whoever washed these cucumbers did a fantastic job.” 

I burst into laughter and Chef gave me a playful wink - I fucking love working in this kitchen.