Starlit Seduction: A Spellbinding Encounter

I sat up in bed, sweating, and heard the noise again. I scrambled to light the candle beside my bed. The whole house was quiet - I can’t be the only one hearing that. I pulled back my heavy blanket. My white nightgown clung to my body with sweat. There it was again, but from outside this time! I heard the cows mooing in the barn. Something had upset them. I swung my legs over the side of my bed and paused, terrified to go any further. Bravely, I shoved my sore feet into my slippers and crept to the window.

The candle's light reflected my face back at me. I adjusted my eyes and looked out into the dark. Mist rose from the ground, and the crops swayed in the nighttime breeze. I could see lights in the distance, past the path and into the forest. They flickered and danced. I heard faint laughter, but I was unsure if any of it was real. Exhausted, I decided to return to my bed. Lying awake in the dark, I couldn't stop thinking about the lights. What were they? Pondering the question, I finally fell back asleep.


The next morning, I rose with the sun and dressed. I pulled my apron tight around my waist, and as I looked down at the ground, I noticed something strange. There was a trail of soot leading from my feet to the door of the attic. How in the hell did that get there? I quickly grabbed the broom and dustpan, knowing I would be punished if my room wasn't clean. I swept up the soot and bent down to inspect it. Between my fingers, I noticed a strange hue. I held my fingers up to the light and noticed little specks that shined like crystals. I rubbed it between my fingers, and it became warm. My mouth salivated, and I had to stop myself from putting the soot in my mouth. Just then, Ada burst into my room, startling me. I stood up with a jolt, accidentally kicking the dustpan across the floor.

Cabbage is getting cold. And Mar’s asking for you,” Ada yawned.

Alright, I’m coming,” I replied. 

I bent down to collect the soot for a second time, but the floor was clean. I stood up, trying to hide my surprise, and rubbed my hands vigorously on my apron. Before leaving, I looked back at my empty chamber and then pulled my door shut.


Again, I was the last to bed. And again, I was exhausted by the day's events. My cabbage was cold, just as Ada said. I had burned my fingers on the bread while taking it out of the oven. I had almost set my apron on fire when I got too close to the oven. And Albert had spit an entire mouthful of mead on me when he took a big swig and realized it had gone bad. When I went out to milk the cows, they seemed agitated. Their eyes darted around, and they were constantly sniffing the air, as if they could sense something that wasn't there. I let them into the pasture and watched them graze on the green grass. I thought about how nice it might be to be a cow. I watched, lost in thought until I was called back into the house.

I collapsed into bed, too tired to undress myself. Ada had lit my candle before she had gone to bed, and I smiled, thinking about her small, sweet gesture. I kicked off my boots and pulled my stockings down from my thighs and off my feet. My feet ached, and my toes cracked as I stretched them.

Just then, I heard a 'clink' on my window. I sat up in bed and focused my eyes on the dark pane of glass. Another 'clink' came...and then another! I leapt from my bed and scurried to the window. Without the candle, I could see out the window more clearly. My eyes focused on a ball of light - floating from my window and back down onto the road. Something told me to go; I had to follow it.

Candle in hand, I crept through the house. It was dark and quiet. I took my time going down the steep stairwell, and the basement door creaked as I pulled it open. I walked slowly into the field, feeling the wet grass between my toes. The crops groaned as they swayed in the wind, a sound that chilled me but I was determined to carry on. Through the field and into the forest, I spotted the ball of light. A faint whisper of giggles drifted across the field and it filled me with curiosity. I dropped my candle and sprinted for the woods. 



As I pushed through the thick brush, I came upon a clearing. The clearing was circular, the perimeter lined with purple flowers. I stepped into the circle and immediately felt a warm sensation on my bare feet. Looking down, I noticed that it was the same substance as the soot from my bedroom. The air was filled with a herbal aroma, unlike anything I had ever smelled. All my senses felt heightened, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Soft music floated through the air, almost as if I could see it. A great orb of light hung in the middle of the circle, glowing gently and emitting a warmth I had never felt before. Illuminated by the orb, the ground glimmered, like it was made up of the same material as the night sky. Overwhelmed, I hardly noticed that I had not been invited to join. Above me, a group of naked faeries danced, laughing and playing games. They looked so free. I longed to join them, so I quickly began to undress, frantically pulling at buttons and shedding my garments onto the warm ground.

Naked, I looked up at the faeries again and they took notice. A fae descended and stood looking at me. First at my eye level, but then it grew so it was a foot taller than myself. Its skin glistened, like a pot that had just been shined. 

What do you want?” It asked. 

I want to be loved.” 

At once, I felt the Fae's hands on me, the warmth was overwhelming. They laid me on the ground next to the orb, and the soot caught me like a pillow. The light reflecting off the Fae's body was otherworldly; their skin was pearlescent, glowing blue and purple. I was in awe, not believing that anything this beautiful could exist. The Fae put its lips against mine.

The fae worked its way down my body, its hands and tongue twisting and turning to cradle my body. At moments, it felt like warm water was being poured down my chest and stomach. My sex throbbed as the anticipation built. I had never been touched like this, never even been looked at like this before. I looked up and noticed that the faeries above had joined in. They had become entangled, shifting their shapes to become one with another. One couple was intertwined; a fae had grown breasts and the other was licking and lapping, worshiping its hard nipples. They thrust towards one another, sharing one sex together. The sounds were maddening, and I became frenzied with delight and lust.

My fae had their mouth on my sex. They vibrated their lips and it made a rumbling on my clit - I moaned out in pleasure and dug both hands into the soot. The fae smiled at me and laughed, their lips already covered with my juices. I watched as they slipped their pink tongue inside me. Their eyes stared into mine. I could feel drops of sweat running down my chest. I sat up and looked down at my erect nipples. The fae made waves with their tongue, and suddenly I felt it grow inside me. My whole sex was being filled by the girth of the fae’s tongue. Gently, they rocked their head back and forth. I watched as their engorged tongue slid in and out of my slippery sex. My juices were dripping down the crack of my ass and onto the soot. I looked up again and noticed four faeries in a line, each with their fingers and sex inside the faerie in front of them. Their moans were intoxicating. One of them drooled and their saliva hissed as it hit the soot on the ground.

The fae turned me on my stomach, the soot warmed my belly and excited my nipples. 

Do you like this?” the fae whispered. 

Yes. I want all of you.” 

I felt warm, wet liquid drip down my ass and pool between the lips of my sex. Gently, the fae entered both my holes, and I gasped with excitement. I rocked back and forth, slowly at first, allowing myself to adjust to the sensation. The fae reached around and softly stroked my clit. Another fae descended and held my head in its hands. I kissed it deeply, and it grinned, its eyes flickering by the light of the orb. It leaned back and presented its sex to me. I grabbed its legs and pulled it closer, burying my face in its sex as if I was ravenous. The fae behind me quickened its pace. I gasped for air and lifted my head up, saliva and juices running down my face. I met the fae’s pace and thrust my ass back on it. My legs were shaking, and I let out a loud moan that was muffled by the forest around me. I couldn't hold back any longer and finally allowed myself to cum with the fae still inside of me, my holes gripping around the fae and twitching in delight.

I collapsed onto the stomach of the fae in front of me. It stroked my hair and giggled, amused by my lack of stamina. I realized the faeries would never let me join them, as I could never really become a fae myself. But at that moment, I had hope that they would let me come play with them again.