FORWARD MOMENTUM - Erotica Short Story

We hop out of the cab and I feel the sun radiating off the cement buildings. We’re already late and I know the lines will be fucked. Everything is fucked. We always wait until the last minute to plan our summer trips, I’m amazed they even happen. I tell her to grab the bags and I pay the driver. 

Inside the station, we search for our platform.

“You remembered the tickets right?” 

“Of course I did, I just don’t know what pocket I put them in.” 

I roll my eyes as she searches her pockets. My head is on fire and it feels like my skin is crawling. There are too many people, I can’t catch my breath. Finally, we find the right platform and we get in line. The line moves slowly but my heart is still racing. I talk the negative voice in my head off the ledge. I glance over at her and she’s looking to the head of the line, where security is swabbing bags. 

“They check bags now, since when do they have to look in your bag?!”

I sense the panic in her voice and meet it with what little calmness I have left.

“Don’t worry. They just open it up, swab, and then they let you go through.”

“Listen, uh, take the tickets. I’ll be right back.” 

“Where you going?!”

She takes her bag and runs off into the crowd, my anxiety returns as I watch her disappear. 

Things haven’t been the best between us, I can’t remember the last time we had sex. We keep talking about it but life always seems to get in the way. I don’t even know if we can break up at this point, our lives are so intertwined but I’m craving more - I need more. It’s not that I don’t love her, I do, but I can’t keep living with a lover who feels more like a roommate. 

I take my water bottle and hold its coldness to my chest. Just breath

I’m almost at the front of the line when she returns. She has a mischievous look on her face, a tiny  grin upturns the sides of her mouth.

“Where did you go?!”

“I just had to take care of something. Don’t worry okay?” 

She rubs the small of my back and it makes me feel better, though I hate to admit it. Her touch is soft yet confident, just how I like it.

We make it through the metal detectors and security takes our bags - they open and swab them. I don’t know when the last time she took the train was, but she seems nervous about the whole thing. A few minutes later we’re cleared and we move down the long hallway toward our track. She’s chuckling under her breath and I look over, shocked by her sudden lightness. 

“Thank god there wasn’t any metal on this thing.” 

“What thing? What are you talking about?”

“It’s a surprise.”

She puts her hand on the back of my neck and gives it a squeeze. She pulls me close and kisses me hard on the cheek. I smile at her, showing my teeth. This feels good, like she’s in charge for once.



We shuffle onto the train and find an empty row. I flop down in one of the seats and let out a sigh of relief. I’m exhausted but thankful we didn’t miss the train. I touch the back of my neck, thinking about her hand around it. I look up at her, wondering what this trip means for us. She’s putting our bags into the overhead bin when I spot something. Her shirt has ridden up and I can see straps. Black leather straps, hugging her hips and peeking out of the top of her pants. She looks down at me and sees the look of puzzlement on my face. The grin comes back to her lips and she winks at me. She runs her hand along her crotch and adjusts the firm, phallic toy in her pants.  She takes her seat beside me, I’m too stunned to talk. 

“You said you wanted to spice things up so… I brought this along.”

She takes my hand and gently lays it on her crotch. I look around to make sure no one is looking, shocked by her boldness. 

“You like it?”

“I-I think I do like it.” I whisper in reply. 

She grabs my chin and gives me a deep kiss, leaning back she gently bites my bottom lip and I feel my clit pulse underneath me. I grab down hard on the dildo in her pants and, for a second, nothing else exists but the energy between us. We are interrupted by a presence looming over us. 

A dozy man dressed in uniform awkwardly clears his throat. 

“Tickets please.” 

We pull apart from one another, embarrassed, and stifle our giggles. I scramble in my pocket for my ticket. He takes the ticket from my hand and I can feel the blood rush to my cheeks. As the man shuffles away from our seats, I fall into her shoulder, trying to contain my laughter. 

“Come with me, I can’t wait any longer.”

She grabs my hand and leads me down the aisle. I look at the people as we pass, but they’re all too distracted to notice us. We make it to the end of the aisle and slip into the washroom - she slides the large metal door shut and locks it with a click

I grab her and pull her closer to me. Our lips press tightly together, like we want to devour one another. Her slippery tongue massages mine and her hands grip firmly on my thighs. Her hands move to my ass and she lifts me onto the counter. 

I tear off my shirt and let my breasts fall out of it. She’s on them immediately, worshiping and sucking on my nipples. She bites down on one and I let out a sharp moan. The blood rushes to my sex and I shut my eyes tight, feeling the growing wetness underneath me. 

I run my hands down her chest as she tugs on my ear with her teeth - she knows me too well, knows every spot to touch and tease. With my fingers, I feel the hard mass in her pants and grasp it firmly. I want it inside me. I scramble to get her pants underdone, my body fills with impassioned recklessness. She stands back and lets me unveil her surprise. 

The strap-on springs from her tight pants, pointing straight at my sex and bouncing into place. My eyes grow wide and I look up at her. She looks at me with a stern calmness and moves her hands up my body toward my neck. She leans in and I feel her warm breath on my ear. 

“I want to fuck you.” 

“Please, you’re so fucking hot.” 

She reaches down and pulls my panties to the side, her fingers find my clit and it’s already covered in juices. I feel for the toy and it’s warm from her body heat - like an extension of herself, an appendage she’s acquired to please me. I bring my hand to my mouth shaking in anticipation,  I drool into it and then soak the toy in my spit. She takes the wet toy by its base and teases my clit with it, I lean back, feeling the cold mirror against my bare skin.

Suddenly, the train lets out a loud whistle and lurches forward - she falls into me and I feel my sex being filled by the toy. I inhale with pleasure and let out a quivering moan, a shock of warmness runs through me. 

“Oh my god, yes.”

I cover my mouth with my hand to keep quiet, as the train speeds up she matches its pace. My eyes roll back in my head with every thrust of her hips. We make eye contact and she takes the hand away from my mouth, trusting the sound of the train to drown out my moans. 

“I love you.” 

Sweat drips off of my chin and onto my breasts, I wrap my thighs around her waist, begging for her to go deeper. I pull her closer, drench my fingers in spit, and reach around her. Between her firm cheeks, I find her hole and tease it with wetness. 

“You want that?”

“Yes.” she whispers.

I slip my fingers inside her and she lets out a slow gasp. I let her ride my fingers as she fucks me, going a little deeper with every thrust. As the train speeds up we match its momentum. The counter rattles under me, shaking my thighs, and creating vibrations I can feel in my swollen clit. I tell her I’m close. Her hole is dripping with juices and sweat, I slip another finger inside of her  and she bites down on my shoulder in pleasure. 

“I’m going to cum, cum with me.”

I brace myself against the steel counter; furious passion has sunk its teeth into us and we’re no longer in control. My sex clenches around the toy and she knows I’m there, she puts her mouth on mine and it muffles my pleasured screams. 

She falls into me, gasping for air, and I can feel her heart beating in my chest. I stroke her sweat-drenched back as we catch our breath. My hair is plastered to my sticky cheek and I brush it out of the way so I can look out the tiny window. Outside the trees stand still as the train passes them, the sky is a magnificent blue and the clouds have never looked so perfect. I feel the warm toy still inside of me, I grip it tightly with the walls of my sex as I pull her closer.  I wish we could stay like this forever

I push my face into her neck, snickering at my sudden optimism - I guess I just needed to get laid. 


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