The Nox College Sex Survival Guide

You’re registered for classes, your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go to school, but have you considered what your sex life at college will really look like? College has a reputation for sloppy hookups—and for sure, there are plenty of those if you want them— but if you’re worried about your safety or unsure what to do in different situations, let’s go through some basic Do’s and Don’ts for sexual wellness at school...

Do supply your own protection.

Whether it’s condoms, dental dams or gloves, make sure you always have as many as you need on hand. You can go luxe with ultra-thin brand names, econo in bulk or simply grab a handful from the school’s Health Centre (there’s even an app for that!). Never depending on anyone else to bring them will make you feel more confident laying down the law. Safety first!


Do make a hook-up kit.

Never get stuck in a sticky situation where you don’t have the aforementioned protection, lube or a clean pair of underwear on hand. Even if the sex was fun the night before, who wants to wake up without a toothbrush? Grab a cosmetic bag, a pink bubble pouch from you-know-where or a simple ziploc. Toss in your protection of choice, a travel size lube (like this one), baby wipes, underwear, an elastic band, a toothbrush/toothpaste and contact lens stuff if you need it.

Don't forget you live with others.

Whether you’re in a dorm or a roommate situation, chances are you’re living with other people. Be considerate of each other’s space and schedules. Don’t keep someone up all night with your passionate ooohs and ahhhs, especially if they have an early morning class, and especially if you’re sharing a bedroom! Be mature and talk about sex protocol ahead of time (ear plugs anyone?). Make a system and be respectful.

Do bring some toys along.

Orgasms can be hugely beneficial for relieving stress, helping you focus and can even improving your sleep quality. Bringing a trusty toy along to college can allow you take some time for yourself to decompress. If you’re in an apartment or have access to private showers, a waterproof toy can be amazing. The shower gives you access to some much-needed alone time, and a strong waterproof toy like the Sona can get you there before people start knocking at the door waiting for their turn. If you only have a shared shower situation, try opting for a more quiet toy, like the Hop Trix, Eva or Gaia, and try to get in some times when you’re alone in your space.

Don't skip out on sanitation.

While we certainly understand why you may not want to wash your favorite vibrator in the very public washroom, not cleaning your toys is simply not an option. Opt instead for wipes, or this spray that we love. Spray your toys after each use, give them a quick wipe down and rest easy, knowing that even if you don’t make straight As, at least you get a 110% in personal hygiene.

Do get to know your school's health center.

They can be a wealth of information, education on safer sex practices and free contraceptive supplies. Depending where you live, they may also either provide STI testing or be able to give you information on where to have it done. Don’t have one on campus? Find a local sexual health center in your community.

Don't forget to study.

Read over our guides to hooking up in the Tinder age. From knowing your status to taking smart nudes, you can’t be too well informed in this complicated time. Read Casual (But Careful) Sex here and Safe Sexting here. (And honestly, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff toolike all our favorite porn, this intro to booty play, and this cute quiz.)

Do practice social safety.

Before going out partying or on a date, discuss using a Find My Friend app with your pals and communicating your location. If you’re leaving a hook-up on campus late at night, don’t be embarrassed to use the campus escort services (if you’re lucky enough to have them) to walk you home. Remember that if something dangerous or violent does happen to you, that it will never be your fault, regardless of whether you ‘were smart’ about being safe or not. But if there are precautions you can take, go ahead and take them.

Do have fun!

Chances are you’re not going to have the best sex of your life in college, but you might just have the most sex. So use this time as a learning experience. So long as you feel safe and comfortable with your sexual partners, and are both communicating enthusiastic consent, try new things with new people and discover exactly what makes you tick sexually. There is no magic number of sexual encounters before you ‘find yourself’, but every time you have an opportunity to learn what you like, what you don’t like, and what your partners like. There's also absolutely zero expectation that just because you're at college you need to be having any sex at all. Just do what feels right for you.  Treat others as you would want to be treated (without shame!), have fun and live your best sex life!