The Best Sex Toy For Your Zodiac Sign

We invited Kaiden Angel, a queer trans metaphysical and body worker located in Montreal, to teach us all about Taurus Season and select a fun toy for each sign. You can catch their weekly readings and connect via Instagram @hii.kiki  


Sun enters Taurus today! So why not talk about the relationship to self and how we are taking care of ourselves. Think about what self-esteem means to you and the projected security of specific sacred items in our lives. We start the season with Venus and Mercury still in Taurus, the energies create an easiness to explore sensuality but noticing our reluctance of trying anything new, cause it feels so damn good. These two planets will be squaring off with Saturn in Aquarius, this will make it hard to understand our own needs and maybe those around us. Be gentle with yourself as this can feel like navigating mud. Later into Taurus Season we will find Pluto in its retrograde through Capricorn. 

Thinking about how our lives have completely shifted, shifted out of old systems and habits. Pluto is all about slow revolutionary changes. And, hey, that includes our SEX LIVES! Am I right or am I right?!! Moving into May, Mercury and Venus shift into Gemini - this energy brings questions around exploring our curiosities and fulfilling our plethora of needs we uncovered. Jupiter in Aries, slides back into Pisces near the end of Taurus Season, offering us a space to feel a sense of compassion for ourselves, maybe feelings of forgiveness for what we couldn't quite get right the first time. Redoing it over again and noticing how we play out situations with new perspectives. This energy makes it easier to be more empathetic with others too. The last day of Taurus season, Venus trines Saturn, we can expect to feel a push to commit- to getting things where we want them to be, whether that be finalizing collaborations or starting something new for ourselves.

As a whole this may mean something to you or not! Totally fine! This season is an
opportunity to shift the habits we contain ourselves in and to create new routines as we continue the year. Happy Taurus Season!

Below our some fun SEXY SCOPES~
Don’t take it too personally, you may already have your own preference for toys and that is sooo fine.


Read for your Venus (if you know it) or your Sun ~
PS: Venus is the planet that exhibits your love and relationships.


Wanting something as on fire as you are but others can’t quite compete. A need to be kept on your toes and excited. Adventure truly is out there. With Taurus Season at your door, think of what comforts and joys you get from the very pleasures you give yourself. You know how you want it. This little toy packs some pinpoint focused sensations and is waterproof if you’re wanting those baths to be a bit more, uh, exciting. 

Lelo Sila Sonic Wave Massager


It’s your Season baby! Whether you’re feeling in your element or not this time round. Don’t be surprised you’re reaching for the same things because you have your routine. These next few weeks are inviting you to notice the routines you have cultivated and what still works for you. Here’s a classic and well loved toy that many have in their nightstand, it continues to do the trick and it won’t disappoint !

Magic Wand Rechargeable


Sweet Gemini, your ability to see people for the many things they offer to the world gives you a head start this season. Be mindful of the dust storm that kicks off in your head as some people won’t be able to see in the same light in the beginning of the season. Embrace the duality you hold and the dual sensations you enjoy. You’re allowed both sometimes.

Lelo Enigma



You are no stranger to curating spaces for comfort. This season not only amplifies the pleasures of being at home but noticing the relationships you participate in. No surprises if you're thinking about linking and building. Notice the softness you bring to those relationships and the way people can relax around you. Speaking of soft things, here’s a super soft toy to match your soft heart.

Iroha Zen Squishy Vibrator


Taking things slow is unheard of for you but you love to showcase how capable you are at maintaining the fun persona. Mindful of boasting, you’re generous and want everyone to have as much fun as you which can turn into taking care of others. Take time to nurture yourself this season. What better way than to find a toy that matches the fun looks you have! Well, Pompons or flowers suspended in glitter? You know you like something pleasing to the eye.

Luzarte Jollet Vibrating Dildo



What a season for you, continuing your collaborations and exploring the intent behind every particular item in your life. Essentially, does it still hold the same weight as it did before. Taurus for you is clearing out the cobwebs in your life you pretended not to notice and making way for the new efficient things, there's not much time for breaks. Talking about efficiency, this toy barely needs to touch you for those O’s. Talk about getting the job done.
Lelo Sona


Oh Libra, this season creates an easy atmosphere to feel a little more introverted and trying to create moments where you are alone. Embracing the home energy taurus offers you.The switch of Mercury and Venus into gemini is a welcomed time for you, you’ll feel more assertive in creating a perfect environment for yourself to take something up a notch or two, don’t brush off the ideas you come up with.

enjoy Pure Plug Medium




Taurus is your opposite sign but the similarities are true; being comfortable in your home and not moving until you are. You’ll find yourself adjusting to new surroundings you’ve made for yourself from the past season but reinventing and recreating isn’t quite new for you. In this season, you’ll notice the craving for something familiar. Well, this toy mimics fingers. Is that familiar enough?

Lora DiCarlo Onda G Spot Massager


This season has you refocusing on the energies you’re putting into the universe. Touching the final details with your plans and physically going slower. Taurus is giving the opportunity to touch base with yourself, unlocking what you felt at the start of the year. Don’t shy away from feeling something different this time round. Like this cute toy, which is very good for temperature play and exploration, if you know what I mean.

Sweetheart Glass Dildo


These next few weeks are a slower time for you, instead of leaning into the usual burn out, you can welcome the rest. Plenty of opportunity and ease to allow some indulgence. Being an earth sign, you know how to relax but you need a reason behind it. There’s some compromise to be done if you're restless! This toy is meant to be worn hands-free baby! It gives you options to do other things with your hands.

Dame Eva II


Wandering thoughts and creating stability for oneself, let's bring you down to earth-level reality. Taurus gives you a grounding motivation to create discoveries in your home life and really settle in. Maintaining curiosity you hold in finding out more, this season will help you keep your appetite for the next season. To fill your curiosity in the meantime, this toy can create a FULL feel.

Inflatable G Spot Vibrator


Sweet Pisces, this season is a welcomed landing pad for all that swimming you do on your own. Enjoy breathing on land and indulge because in all fairness it is the season. Allow the energies created in these next few weeks to be a friendly reminder that you have a body that can experience pleasure. With those swirling thoughts, this toy is here to match. The firmness can be grounding for you, so hey why not while you’re land locked?

Maia Paris Dildo