Which Suction Toy Is Best For You?

Suction toys (sometimes called pleasure air, air suction, or sonic wave toys) are a newer class of sex toy that focus on clitoral stimulation with minimal contact. This way, the toy can be used for longer without feeling any numbness or sensitivity from use. These toys are perfect for anyone with a vulva who knows they enjoy clitoral stimulation, enjoys oral sex or likes intense external stimulation.


Time and time again, the suction toys in our shop are the most popular by a landslide. The sensation of a suction toy can be difficult to imagine, and choosing between them can just be overwhelming. We love all of the suction toys we carry in the shop, but each is a little different! 


Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer is the original suction toy company, and despite their (terrible) name, it can be the most versatile. The Womanizer Liberty is a more compact suction toy than other Womanizer products, so it’s great for travel or fitting between bodies. Despite its small size, it's no less powerful than the larger toys in the Womanizer line. Womanizer's suction is more gentle than the Sona or Melt, making it more accessible for those looking to try their first suction toy. The Liberty’s head is larger and squishier than the other suction toys we carry. Each toy comes with two heads, making it easier to find your perfect fit. The option of a larger head also makes the Liberty perfect for anyone who’s taken T (testosterone) and experienced a little growth. Out of all of our suction toys, the Womanizer is the one you can really take your time with. The sensation of the Womanizer is more fluttery and feels like a light tapping. Because of this lighter sensation and the squishy head, it's easier to apply a bit more pressure when using this toy.




Lelo Sona

The Sona is our all-time best-seller, and for good reason. The Sona’s ‘sonic waves’ deliver deep, pulsing sensation that stimulates both the internal and external clitoris. This toy means business- take a peek at the reviews on our site to get an idea of the following the Sona has. Unlike the Womanizer, all of the Sonas settings are intense. Sona's sonic waves deliver a more pulsing sensation than our other suction toys, and is the only one that offers a pattern setting. While an orgasm doesn’t need to be the goal, if you’re looking to finish hard and fast, the Sona will likely get you there. Although the Sona is endlessly popular, its smaller opening might not be right for every body. The Sonas pulsing, intense waves are the stuff of legend and feel like a more direct pulsing or tapping.



We-Vibe Melt

We Vibe’s toys are known for their strong motors, and the Melt is no exception. The Melt has the most variation in setting out of our suction toys, but its higher settings are easily the strongest. The Melt has the most suction-y sensation out of these three and feels the most like oral sex (it’s crazy). The firmer head of the Melt also ups the intensity. The Melt is our slimmest suction toy, making it easy to slide between bodies and comfortable to hold. Like all We-Vibe toys, the Melt can connect to the We-Vibe app to allow a partner to control the toy's settings from a distance. The Melt is the most expensive toy in our little group of suction vibrators, but it’s really worth every penny. It offers the most versatility without sacrificing intensity and is perfect for partnered sex. 


The Rose

We'll be honest, we were skeptical of this toy. We equated it with toys that get promoted under viral Twitter posts. But, oh no, this toy delivers! It's not a nuanced toy but it is powerful and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. In terms of bang for your buck, for a suction toy, you can't do better. Renowned sex toy reviewer Phallophile didn't rave about it for nothing :) 


The Sila

Sila is truly a luxury experience. Like, if there was a sex toy that was most similar to a spa visit, this is it. Sila uses the same pulsing sonic wave technology as Sona, but while Sona offers a more focused pinpoint sensation, Sila offers a deeper and broader stimulation. This is in part due to the design of its opening, which is wider, deeper, and softer than Sona's. This makes it a more comfortable option for people who have taken T and experienced some growth or who simply found the Sona too snug. If you love oral, you're going to LOVE Sila!



The Suki

Say hello to the cutest little suction toy around! The VeDo Suki is designed to be easily held between your fingers and nestle into the palm of your hand. Suki provides intense clitoral stimulation through the suction component, but also vibrates. This is a great toy for partnered sex, as its ergonomic shape can fit easily between bodies. Suki is a lot more powerful than its small size suggests, so it's good to start out on the lowest setting and take some time to get used to the sensation. 

Womanzier Duo Rabbit-Style Air Toy

Looking something like a blowdryer mixed with a space ship, we can honestly say we've never seen a toy like the Duo. We've also never experienced a toy like the Duo either! This wild creation is a combo of everything we love about an air suction toy, mixed with everything we love about an internal g-spot vibrator. The internal arm and suction can be independently controlled as well, so technically it can be a suction toy with a dildo or a vibrator, a g-spot wand without suction and the internal arm is one heck of an external vibrator as well. 


Satisfyer Cutie Heart Suction & Vibrator

This cute little heart offers suction/air pressure on one side and vibrations on the other. You can control the vibrations and air pressure separately for a truly unique experience! 


Satisfyer Pro 2

You know it, you love it! A total classic, the Pro 2 has been a fan favourite for years now, and with very, very good reason. With eleven modes of gently sucking pressure, the Pro 2 has been described as 'oral sex but more intense', 'an orgasm guarantee' and 'completely life-changing.' 

The Pro 2 is a clitoral suction toy, and you may need to experiment a bit with placement and pressure, but trust us, you'll know when you find The Spot! Aside from the sensation, the noise level will drop when in perfect position. This toy is famous for a reason!  

Biird Namii Suction Vibrator

Discover Namii, Biird’s 2-in-1 clitoral stimulator made from ultra-soft silicone. Designed to dive into your and your partners desires, Namii comes with both suction and vibration functions which can be used independently or at the same time. Its elegant magnetic charging base doubles as a mood light.

The suction created by Namii’s mouth varies from feather soft to very powerful. Play with the different intensities for tailor-made sensations.

Lelo Enigma

Imagine the LELO Sona and the Nova 2 Rabbit hooked up. This wild creation would be the outcome. It has all the sonic wave superpowers of the Sona and the super bendy g-spot arm of the Nova 2. Lube up, insert the internal portion, line up the suction head, turn it on and...we might just pass out.