Our Fave Toys For Partnered Play

Our Fave Toys For Partnered Play

Sex toys are incredible alone but some are equally, if not more fun, used with a partner. We've rounded up our favorites from the shop to give you the low down on how and why you may want to bring them into rotation asap. If you've never used toys with a partner before and aren't sure how to have that conversation, we've got a whole article for that. 

Let the fun begin! 




This small, simple toy is one of the most versatile toys to have in your bag of tricks. It's small enough to apply sweet vibrations during oral or any positions that leave a little space between you and feels incredible on anyone's parts. 

Good Vibes Only: If you're on the giving end of oral, try tilting your head slightly to one side and try placing the Mini between your partner's inner thigh or belly and your cheek (or hold it against your cheek with one hand if that's easier for you). The vibes will resonate through your mouth, offering some pretty amazing sensations for your partner. 



While Eva is the obvious choice from Dame Products for P-in-V partnered sex. We tend to recommend the Fin just as much (if not more) for its versatility. Fin is a little more inclusive, as it can be enjoyed by any partners. The ergonomic toy is small, easy to hold and feels amazing against the clitoris, nipples, perineum or anywhere else you can think of. Its shape allows it to easily glide around, leaving good vibes in its path. 

Not Over Til It's Over: While most people think of vibrators as toys for vulvas, we've got some news for you. People with penises tend to really enjoy the sensations as well. If your partner has a penis and enjoys their perineum being touched, try this little trick next time they're about to climax. When they're right on the edge, place the Fin, a little firmly, against their perineum and it can stimulate their prostate externally, which can make for one heck of an orgasm!


Iroha Midori


This incredible, squishy vibrator is so soft and malleable, that it fits nicely between two bodies, without getting in the way. Its controls are easy to navigate so you can give it a little squeeze as things get going to ramp up the power! 

Delicious Play: A toy that fits nicely in your palm is so versatile that you can almost give each other full-body massages with it. Rather than a bullet-shaped toy, this l 'mochi' with a nubbin gives you a delicious broad sensation. 


Purple Rain & Purity  

Whether you're using them along with a harness or manually, dildos aren't only fun solo. If your partner has a penis of their own, a dildo may seem redundant but few are flexible enough to perform oral sex during penetration, a delightful combo! 

Dil-do! : Both of these toys are harness compatible but they also have suction bases. Try playing around with a partner while the toy is attached to the shower wall, headboard or full-length mirror and it's like having an extra person there. 




We've got a whole article on demystifying the underrated cock ring and carrying not only a simple version but also a fun, lavender glow in the dark ring and our fave, a vibrating ring. 

Don't Let The Name Fool You: Despite their name and intended use, c-rings aren't just for people with penises. A vibrating ring like the Drive can make for a simple and inexpensive finger vibe! Or try applying it to the base of a dildo, to add a little oomph. 


Booty Toys

No matter the size or material you prefer, a plug or rimmer can bring things to a brand new level with a partner. First, you need to discuss consent, interest, and boundaries but if both parties are game, there can be a lot of fun to be had. We recommend starting with a small rimmer, like the Candy Rimmer if these sensations are new to you and slowly sizing up to a toy like the Firefly Ace II. But if you're already a fan, the njoy Pure Plug, is basically like buying your partner some truly impressive jewelry. 

Three's Company: If the fantasy of being in a threesome is enticing to you but you're just not there yet, try using a booty toy, especially a vibrating one, while giving or receiving oral sex and it can really help to stimulate the feelings of that fantasy. Don't forget the lube! 


Glass Wand

If there was one toy from the shop we would recommend almost universally, it would be the Glass Wand. It can be used any way you can think of, by literally anybody. And while it's wonderful for solo play, its beauty and versatility make it a real treat for partnered play. 

Play Outside: While its design would make you think this toy is best suited for penetrative play (and it is incredible for that) don't bypass trying it externally. If you or your partner has a clitoris, try this sequence of moves on for size. Slowly insert the toy so the graduating bubbles can be felt and then remove it and rub it up and down, flat against the clit. Repeat. You're welcome. 


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