Pelle Flex

$ 50.00

Feel the perfect amount of friction and softness with Pelle's signature marshmallowy grinding toys. Flex is made with the softest 100% body safe silicone. Perfectly squishy for humping and grinding, Flex can also be placed flat on the base of a dildo to use while wearing a harness for added cushion and broad stimulation.

The waves of Flex have been designed with vulva comfort in mind. Uses are as varied as your imagination - place on a pillow for humping, hold between your body and a partner while grinding, place on top of your favourite vibrator for softer broad vibrations, or pair at the base of a dildo in a harness. Flex is one-sided; the flat back will adhere to most dildos with either a suction or flat base. 

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  • Body-safe silicone
  • Length 3.25", width 2.5"
  • Compatible with water based lube

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