Waves Wet & Lapping

The Night Stand Story #3

Contains: Public sex, Threesome, Strangers. All characters are consenting adults.


I didn’t tell anyone I was going, I just left. As soon as things opened back up I quit my job, found a subletter, and was on a plane. I’d never been here before, didn’t know anyone, but it seemed like the right place to be. My money is slowly running out but I can’t bring myself to think about my former life - I choose to live anonymously and know, at least for a while longer, I can continue living anonymously. 

My hostel is hot and stuffy so I spend as little time there as possible. I share a room with 7 other people. At night, I lay awake, staring at the bunk above mine, and listen to 7 people sleep in concert - it’s the most intimate experience I’ve had since my arrival. Today, like most, I’m at the beach from sunrise to sunset. For the past few days I’ve seen a couple arrive around the same time, I think they are the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. I thought one of them caught me staring the other day, but I remembered I was wearing sunglasses with dark lenses. I’ve never seen them actually arrive at the beach, I just look up and suddenly, there they are. Sometimes they take turns rubbing each other’s bodies with oil, the sand sticks to their slick skin, and I watch as they wash off in the sea. They look like they were born to be wet, to be in the waves, to be with one another. 

The sun is setting and it’s making me melancholic. I gather my things to leave, my stomach is grumbling but food seems unappealing. I pick up my towel and shake it, when I do sand blows against my body and smarts my hot skin. I turn to leave and hear a voice calling out against the crashing of waves. I continue walking. I hear the voice call again, louder this time. I look over my shoulder and see the couple on their big, woven blanket, one of them is standing up… waving at me? I look around and realize I’m the only one on the beach. I point toward my chest and the other nods their head ‘yes,’ they motion to join them. As I walk across the cooling sand my heart beats faster, a lump forms in my throat, I can barely get out an anxious greeting. 

I feel the softness of the blanket underneath me, they introduce themselves but I am too preoccupied with my own thoughts to absorb their names. Their teeth gleam white against their plump lips, perfectly moist and supple. I snap out of my trance when one of them produces pieces of fresh pineapple from a canvas bag, I take a piece and thank them. I bite into the pineapple and it’s juices fill my mouth. I look over and juice is running down the chin of another, the other playfully leans in and licks the juices off their cheek. I can feel the blood pump through every vein in my body. 

“Thank you for sharing.” I hold up my piece of pineapple. 

“Of course. We love to share!”

One of them takes another bite of pineapple, the juices fall onto their chest and trickle between their breasts. They catch me following the juices as they make their journey.

“Would you like some of mine?” They hold up their half-eaten pineapple. 

“Yes, please.” 

My voice quivers but it’s an honest answer. They hold their pineapple out for me but that’s not what I want. My mouth salivates as I look back at the juices on their chest. I lean in to take a bite and they offer me their chest, I taste the juices. The mixture of sweet and salty dances on my tongue, I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. I look up and make eye contact, I am lost in their eyes.

Our lips meet and their delicious tongue is in my mouth. I want to bite into them like the pineapple, I want to devour every inch of this person. I feel a soft kiss on my neck and all the hairs stand up on my body. I turn to kiss the other, their mouth is cool and tart from the pineapple. They move their mouth down my neck and onto my chest, I must taste hot and salty but I don’t care. It ceases to matter, in this moment everything is pleasure. One of them takes my hand and starts sucking on my fingers, the other is making tiny circles around my navel. I have never had this much pleasure in my life. 

One of them takes my fingers and asks if I want to feel their wetness, I do. They move their bottoms to the side and I plunge my fingers into their juicy sex. The other asks if they can do the same, I allow them. Suddenly, I feel a tongue move up my thigh, my swimsuit becomes tight around my waist as it’s moved to the side. I can hardly breathe, I gasp for air and look up at the dimming sky. I pull one of them on top of my face before I cum, I must taste what the other tastes. I roll them back and forth on my lips and tongue, I can hear the waves crashing and try to match their pace. Now I’m cumming and every inch of my body shakes, my clit pulsates in their mouth. The two reach across my body and kiss, my juices drip off their chin and onto the others. I asked to be filled and we all take turns, one of them cums with my fingers deep inside them. I gasp for air, trying to come up for breath, but I know we are nowhere near finished. Their bodies taste like the ocean, their tongues lap like waves. 


Illustration by Kezna Dalz