Peach Fuzz


Contains: Dom/sub conversations and relationship, Public orgasm, Food-play. All characters are consenting adults.


I am doing my chores and shopping for all of Dom’s favourite food, each piece of fruit needs to be squeezed to make sure it’s just right. If I bring back a piece of rotten fruit, Dom will punish me. I lean over and squeeze a peach, it’s too squishy. I look it over and see it’s bruised, I squeeze it again and think about Dom’s hand coming down on my bare ass. A shiver runs through my whole body, I smile and put the rotten peach into my basket. Just then, my phone rings - it’s them! I answer it immediately, more than 2 rings and I will be punished. 

“Hello?” My voice quivers with excitement. 

“I see you’re shopping. Are you wearing it?”

“Of course I am, you told me I must.” 


Dom continues to talk but I am distracted by a growing vibration in my underwear. The vibration grows stronger and stronger, I lean over the peaches and bite my lip. I grip the edge of the stand and one of my fingers plunges deep into an overripe peach, the juice flows down my hand. I let out a gasp, but then notice that an employee is looking over at me. I straighten my body out and the vibration weakens. I do my best to smile at the employee and then move away from the peaches. 

“Are you ready for more?” 

I can’t say no. 

“Of course.” 

I move from the peaches to the bananas, I look over my shoulder and the employee has their back turned to me. I look down at the bananas, they are all different shades. Their shape reminds me of Dom, I think about when they fill me up completely. Each hole is completely stuffed, even my mouth. Spit drips off my chin, I am moaning and all I can do is shut my eyes until I see stars. Dom tells me I’m a good sub, my muscles hurt from cumming. 

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about you.” I answer, honestly.


I reach down and take a banana in my hand, I feel it’s girth and my thoughts return to Dom. It’s like they can see me, like they can read my thoughts. The vibration starts to pulsate against me. It starts slow but then it grows, it stops suddenly but then it starts again. Each time it begins I can feel my cheeks become more and more flushed. I drop the banana on the floor. When I bend down to pick it up I peek up my short dress, there is a wet spot growing in my underwear. Squatting down the vibration hits a different spot, the sensation is almost too much to bear. I quickly place the banana in my basket, I let out a deep moan but it only provides temporary relief. I raise myself up but the pulsating continues. I do my best to walk away from the bananas. I wish Dom was inside of me, I want to be restricted, I want to be completely subservient. The vibration yields and I am able to walk without shaking.

“Are you wet?”

“My underwear is soaked through.” I admit. 

“Good. Now go to the bakery, I have a gift waiting for you. You’ve done very well.” 

I walk toward the bakery, my underwear gushes underneath my clothing. I ask the baker for my order and they disappear momentarily. When they come back they are holding a big, beautiful cake. I take the cake and thank them. I look down at it and through the transparent covering, I can see my name written in cursive. Dom knows how fond I am of these types of cakes, they remind me of my childhood. The frosting is sickeningly sweet, it’s disgusting and I love it. 

“Did you get it?” Dom asks, I can tell they are amused. 

“I got it. Thank you, I can’t wait to taste it.” 

Later, at home, Dom will present the cake on a large platter. They have done this before, it’s one of my favourite games. The cake will glisten under the lights, the frosting will have an anime-like sheen to it. It will be perfect. The vibration starts to grow in my underwear, they know I am thinking about what becomes of the cake. Next, Dom will sit on the cake, their ass and sex will be covered in it. I am on my knees, I watch as their lower half becomes enveloped in spongy cake and sweet frosting. Then, and only then, will I be allowed a taste. I will lick the frosting off Dom, until every last inch of it is gone. I will plunge my tongue deep inside their asshole, as they press themselves into my obedient face. The vibration is growing stronger, I can barely walk straight, I brace myself against a shelf in the grocery store. Sweat is pouring down my forehead and I feel myself becoming soaked in my own juices. I can taste the frosting, the container squeaks as I pull it closer to my body. I can hear the sound of the vibrator now it’s so strong. I bite down hard on my lower lip and look up at the fluorescent lights of the grocery store. 

“You may cum now.” Dom concedes in my ear. 

My whole body shakes, someone is walking slowly up the aisle but I can’t stop myself. I feel juices running down my leg but there is nothing to be done. I have been a good sub today, Dom is still whispering in my ear. I think about the walk to the car, the breeze blowing against my bare legs, now covered in my cum.

Illustration by Anna May Henry