Spring Skin

Contains: Public sex, group sex. All characters are consenting adults. 

The winter had lasted a lifetime. Days passed hunched over my desk, the same articles of clothing in rotation until they were too smelly to wear. My body became weak, my muscles ached from the shuffling around my apartment, constantly turning inward to keep myself warm. On the street, people passed each other, walking like penguins; their scarves tied tightly around their necks. Often their eyes were the only things showing, their glances downcast, terrified they should misstep and slip on the icy pavement. 

I had tried dating through the winter but nothing materialized. Plans to meet for a drink were postponed due to the cold, snow, depression, or the general angst that came with leaving the house. Winter was dark, it was lonely, but I made it out the other side. 

The city got uglier before it got any better. Rivers of grey slush ran through the streets but the air was different - light, buoyant, and filled with nostalgia. The smell of spring made me sick to my stomach but also brought with it alien emotions - anticipation, excitement, hope?

Last night it was warm enough to sleep with my window open. The nighttime sounds outside made me stir. For the first time in a long time, I dreamt of other bodies. Soft bodies touching, skin perspiring, body odours, and saliva. I woke up in a daze. The sun streamed in my window and called me awake. It was finally warm enough to stretch. Upon standing, I could think of something other than grabbing the nearest sweater and pulling it over my hunched body. I could feel my body springing back to life.


I misjudged the temperature and left the house in too many clothes. I quickly shed my layers, feeling more and more naked as I tied items around my waist. The warmth felt good on my shoulders but I was shy, looking around to make sure I wasn’t showing more skin than others. What an odd thing to have a body and forget about all its parts. I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window - I didn’t recognize the person in the reflection. 

The mountain was busy, crowded with people grasping for an inch of the spring sun. I kept walking, upward, trying to shed my nervousness. Birds chirped in a frenzy, people chattered, babes cooed. I looked around and everywhere there was skin. Bare flesh that beamed in the magnificent sunlight. Suddenly, my dream came back to me - all that flesh pressing up against more flesh, causing friction and heat. I caught a glimpse of a woman pass, her dark bosom bounced with each step she took, it took everything to look away. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and tried to look ahead. 

Ahead I was met with a pair of naked legs, the muscles swelled as the person made their way uphill. Next to them was a short skirt, a pair of juicy thighs jiggled in motion as if they were taunting me. My mouth filled with saliva, I had the uncontrollable urge to bite down on something soft. I wiped more sweat off my brow - my senses were betraying me, it was too much. I turned off the main path and found myself surrounded by trees. I passed a couple walking toward me but could only look at the ground, scared to look up and meet more flesh. As soon as the couple passed I looked over my shoulder. Two round, fleshy, buttocks swayed and bobbed along the path. I couldn’t take it anymore, I turned into the trees. 

The thick foliage scraped against my bare skin as I made my way deeper into the woods. I could still hear voices but the bodies around me disappeared. I was alone. My hands were slippery with sweat as I scrambled to untie the many layers from my waist. I braced myself against a tree and the sharp bark dug into my back, I let out a gasp - so many textures and smells. My clothes fell to the ground and I plunged my hand into my underwear. My fingers were met with the wetness already spilling out of me. The carnal urge within me wasn’t dead, it had just been in hibernation. I lifted my top and let my breasts plunge out the bottom. I took a nipple between my fingers and squeezed hard. My other hand was a sopping mess, I could see the wetness seeping through my pants. 

I plunged my fingers deeper, up inside myself, taking as much as I could. My face was on fire, I leaned my head back against the tree and my eyes went blurry. I was so close, my hand gripped my breast and squeezed it tight. Pain shot through my chest but it only heightened the pleasure. Frantically I pawed at my own flesh, gyrating and vibrating against my will. I let out a loud moan - I was almost there. 

Just then I heard branches breaking beneath footsteps, the sound snapped me out of my manic frenzy. I ducked behind a fallen tree, peeking out only to see who was coming. It was the couple that had passed me on the path. Their hands were intertwined and they were laughing, looking over their shoulders, taking refuge within the trees. I wanted to gather my clothes and run but I was stunned - glued to the forest floor and unable to move. Sweat glistened off their sunkissed skin as they came to an opening, my eyes grew wide, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. One let out a primitive moan as the other being to kiss their neck, they threw their head to the side - their eyes shut tight, blocking out the observable world. I was filled with excitement and terror, witnessing something I knew I should not. I finally stood to leave.

The crunch of my weight beneath the forest floor echoed through the trees, the couple looked in my direction and our eyes met. A thousand thoughts ran through my head but my lips wounld’t move, I was speechless. The couple’s white teeth gleamed as they smiled at me, a reaction I didn’t anticipate. 

A soft voice made its way through the forest, “Would you like to join us?” 



In the path of the spring sun, with our bodies just out of sight, we shed a winter's worth of bitterness. The couple welcomed me in, the three of us quickly become one slippery, intertwined, tangle of flesh. Warm sweat streamed down my face as I sunk my tongue into the salty, sweet, wetness of another. The other filled both my holes as they lapped at my swollen clit. My breasts heaved and my chest left the ground, as I involuntarily cried out into treetops. I brought my lips to meet theirs, as we grinded on each other’s fleshy thighs. Their partner stood behind us, alternating between our holes, I felt a warm gush of juices fall onto my sex and threw my head back in ecstasy. The pleasure was too much and it kept on coming. I gasped for air, saliva dripping out of my mouth and onto another, but I couldn't stop. I wanted to devour them and be devoured by them. Their greedy lips and tongues lapped - their curious fingers exploring every inch of my body - I buried my face deep in the other’s cushy breasts and prayed for more. I lost track of time - of all being - and succumbed to absolute pleasure. 

Finally I sat back, out of breath. My cheeks were flushed and my body was covered in sticky sweat, pine needles clung to my body and filled my nose with the smell of earth. I could feel my heartbeat - my entire sex pulsating as if was gasping for air. I watched them as they finished, looking into each other’s eyes and begging to be covered in one another’s juices. The sunny patch has grown dark and the trees began to sway. That night I would sleep with my window open, unshowered, with the smell of the forest couple still emanating from my body.