All Treats, No Tricks

The Night Stand Story #6 

Sar had invited me to this Halloween party ages ago, they said they would take care of everything. The costumes, the makeup, the cocktails - I couldn’t say no. I wasn’t one for dressing up, it was enough of an effort to dress on a regular day, people were just too much on Halloween. 

There was only one Halloween costume I truly loved wearing growing up and that was a ghost. A long, white sheet with two holes of eyes, that’s all I really needed. So when I showed up that night and Sar showed me what they wanted me to wear, there was a lump in my throat. Sar told me to try on the corset first, I almost shuddered but put on a strong face. We had only been dating a year but I trusted them, they were constantly pushing my boundaries but often in a way I appreciated. I rolled my eyes, took my top off, and pulled the corset over my head. Sar disappeared around my back and suddenly I felt the corset pull tight against my warm body. 

“Too tight?”


I hated to admit but at that moment, I felt good. 

“Can I put this on you too?”

“Yes, but it’s going to look stupid.”

Sar giggled. 

“Please, just trust me?”


Sar pulled off my shorts. They lingered a little too long and I wondered if they were getting distracted. Maybe I could seduce them and they would forget all about this stupid party. Sar gently lifted my ankles as they pulled on the skirt. I looked over and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I felt like a doll, being carefully dressed and pampered by its owner. I felt Sar’s soft hands as they pulled the skirt over my ass, a long sound of metal rang in my ears as they pulled the zipper up over my hips. Sar turned me around and there was a look on their face I’d never seen before. They took a step back and admired their work. 

“How does it feel?” 

I looked back into the mirror and hardly recognized myself. I would have never chosen these clothes but it felt… powerful. I shrugged, trying to play it cool and act like the new look didn’t affect me. 

“God, you’re so sexy!” Sar was overjoyed. “Just sit back, drink your cocktail, I’ll be right back.” 

Sar disappeared into the other room. I just stood there, looking at myself in the mirror. I had always admired people who wore things like this, they always seemed so confident. The corset held me tight and I realized how much I liked being restrained.

I sat on the bed and took a sip of my cocktail, looking around and trying to pretend like I was completely indifferent. The latex skirt pulled my thighs together, they pressed against my clit and I suddenly became aware of the pressure the corset put on my nipples. I allowed myself to admire the look in the mirror again, was this turning me on? 

Lost in thought, I barely noticed that Sar had come back into the room. They put their hands around my waist and I turned to face them. I barely recognized them. I stood back, a bit startled, it was like being in a room with a stranger. Sar’s familiar giggle broke the silence, they stood back so I could see their entire costume. 

“You like it?”

“I love it!” 

“I have a surprise for you, but that’s going to have to wait until later. Come on!”

Sar grasped my hand tight, we were out the door and on our way. 


At the party, I didn’t feel like myself. In costume, I glided around, uninhibited by my everyday neuroses. It was like I was a different person, I could be anyone I wanted. I couldn’t take my eyes off Sar. Their costume was dark and commanding, it was like they towered over everyone at the party. Every once in a while we would lock eyes and the blood would rush to my lips.

Hours passed, it was getting late and I was searching for Sar. The across-the-room glances had been driving me wild all night, it was time to go so we could be alone. Walking down a dark and decorated hallway, I felt a familiar grasp around my wrist. Sar pulled me into a bathroom and shut the door behind us. In the dark, I could hardly tell it was them, but the familiarity of their touch told me otherwise. 

Our lips met frantically, the taste of their mouth filled mine as our wet and warm tongues intertwined. I needed them inside of me. Sar was kissing and biting my neck, we didn’t have time to waste. They grabbed me by the ass and lifted me onto the bathroom counter. I wrapped my legs around their body, the latex skirt pulling taught around my thighs. I reached for their waist and found their zipper, the metallic sound echoed in the bathroom as I rushed to pull it down. I paused when I felt something unfamiliar, I looked down but couldn’t see anything in the dark. I grasped my hand firm around the toy. 

“Surprise.” Sar whispered, “Do you feel like trying it out?”


I pulled them closer, I wanted to be devoured, to feel their entire weight upon me. Sar was nipping at the insides of my thighs, they pulled the skirt up higher and I felt blood fill my cheeks. Their soft, warm tongue circled my clit, becoming drenched with my juices. Lapping at my clit and lips, I felt their slender fingers slip inside my dripping pussy. I let out a moan but stopped myself, biting down hard on my lower lip. Sar reached up and tugged at my corset, it pulled tighter around my body. My chest felt like it might explode as I held my breath, trying not to cum too loudly. Sar reached up and squeezed my hard nipples between the flesh of their fingers, I let out a cry and my whole body shook with climax. 

Sar made their way up my body, I licked and sucked my juices off their lips, a salty sweetness filled my mouth. I covered my hand in spit and felt for the toy, soaking its soft head with saliva. 

“Are you ready?”

“God, yes.”

I pulled Sar toward me and they entered me gently. I threw my head back and leaned it against the mirror. Their hips thrust again and I felt them fill me entirely. It was like a dream, where you don’t recognize the person in front of you but you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. I grabbed Sar’s hips and pulled them toward me rhythmically. The top of the corset teased my nipples with every thrust.

I closed my eyes and one darkness replaced the other, floating orbs of light filled my eyes. I opened them again only to realize I couldn’t keep from cumming, from crying out with pleasure. I watched as a glistening stream of spit landed on my clit, Sar’s warm fingers were on it, matching the pace of their thrusting. Vibrations filled my entire body, I curled my toes but I knew it wouldn’t keep me from shouting. Sar reached over and turned on the tap, the sound of rushing water filled the bathroom. It was like a great release, I could finally scream!