Turn It Up | An Intro to Temperature Play

 We all know the instant gratification of getting out of the bitter cold and stepping into a cozy warm space. Your shoulders drop, your fingers, toes and nose tingle and you take a nice deep breath. But would that cozy space feel just as good without first experiencing the sharp, freezing wind?

Temperature play in the bedroom can cause similar jolts of excitement followed by “ahhhhh” moments of relief. While temperature play can be taken to extremes in BDSM, we’re going to share some tips with you today to gently introduce a little hot and cold into your sex life.

Set the Thermostat

When playing with chilly sensations, make sure the room is a nice, cozy temperature first. For maximum impact, you want to feel those cold temperatures on warm skin. Like with the introduction of anything new in bed, comfort is key.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Sure, it’s a cliché, but start by grabbing some simple ice cubes from the freezer and popping them in a glass of water. Try kissing your partner’s most sensitive spots after taking sips of icy water and build up to actually holding the ice cube in your teeth and tracing it along their body. Some spots might feel better than others, so make sure to keep communicating. 

Get Intimate

Whether you’re having solo or partnered sex, introducing warm and cool sensations with toys can get pretty exciting. Glass and metal toys are perfect for temperature play as they hold both hot and cold temperatures, but easily adjust to your body’s internal temperature for that excitement/relaxation effect. Our top picks for temperature sensitive toys are the Icicle No. 31Glass Wand the Pure Wand and Crystal Wand. Be cautious with metal toys, as they can get too hot and too cold if you’re not careful. Touch the toy to your inner wrist or your lips to test the temperature first.

Glass Wand $27

Variety is the Spice of Life

Have you ever been to a Scandinavian style spa? The trick is to switch back and forth between super hot saunas and freezing cold jumps in the water to get your circulation going. Similarly, you don’t want to limit yourself to icy cold sensations. Try offsetting the chilly excitement with warm massage oil. Pop a massage oil bottle (we  💕   Lover’s Oil) into a warm not boiling hot cup of water. Or you can simply pour some in your hands and rub it back and forth to heat it up.

Heat Things Up (Carefully)

We’ve all see a cheesy romance movie where candle wax is being dribbled all over an ecstatic lover. However, it’s super important to note that not all candles are created equally. If you are wanting to try out wax play, make sure you get your hands on a body-safe candle made for getting sexy with. 

So, whether it’s miserable and freezing outside or a million degrees, we hope you’re feeling inspired to heat things up or cool them down, a little inside.