Flying With Sex Toys + Our Top Travel Companions

Picture this: You're standing in line at the TSA, sweating bullets as your carry-on goes through the X-ray, afraid that your favorite sex toy is about to be pulled from your bag and waved around for everyone to see. No one needs extra stress when it comes to airport security, so we compiled a list of dos and don'ts for travelling with sex toys. Now you can take off and get off in comfort! 

Do pack your toys in your checked baggage

Save yourself the sweat and just pack your toys in your checked baggage, if you have any. Sure, it'll still be scanned, but you won't have to stand there and watch it happen.

Do take the batteries out

To avoid any unexpected buzzing, make sure you remove the batteries from your toy before packing it. If it's rechargeable, let the power run down—we're sure you can think of a fun way to do that 😉

Don't take your favorite (or most expensive!) toy

If you have a favorite old pocket rocket that they just don't make anymore, or a brand new luxury toy you saved up for, leave it at home. When traveling, there's always a chance that your bag could get lost, or an electronic device will be deemed suspicious and get confiscated. Take toys you can replace in a worst case scenario. 

Do choose a smaller toy

Small toys tend to be less obvious in shape and design, but that's not the only reason to go small. The TSA states that "tools" need to be under 7", so you wanna leave the bigger toys at home. See below for our favorite travel toys! 

Do make sure toys are legal where you're going

We know it might surprise you, but sex toys are actually illegal in some countries (and even in one state). The list includes Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and India, and while Alabama is technically on the list (what's the deal Alabama?!!) they'll only prevent the import for sales purposes. If you're unsure about the country you're visiting, just give it a quick Google. 

Don't forget lube

Lube is considered a liquid, but don't leave it at home! Just make sure your favorite bottle or tube is 100ml or less, or is packed in your checked luggage. (Psst—we carry Uberlube in both 50 and 100ml!)

Don't stress, and do fess up!

Lastly, remember that TSA agents have seen WAY weirder stuff try to pass through security than your vibrator. Everyone is an adult, so in the very off chance they ask what it is, just tell them! 

Take to the Skies! Some Of Our Favorite Discreet Toys for Travel:

Lelo Sona

The Sona looks more like a thermometer or a skin care tool than a sex toy, and it's waterproof—so feel free to take it on your next beach vacation! 💦

Iroha Mini

The Mini looks more like a lip balm than a super powered vibrator! This cute toy is under $30, so if it gets lost, it's not the end of the world.

The Yumi

We dare a TSA agent to guess what this tiny finger vibe actually is. It's so small you can toss it in your makeup bag!

The Spade by Doc Johnson

The Spade is non-vibrating, so no need to worry about that! Just smile and tell 'em it's your beauty blender. 💅

Happy travels!