Solo Sex Positions to Impress Yourself With

photo by Lorette Lingerie 


We all know that it can be too easy to develop a routine when it comes to which partnered sex positions we gravitate towards. Well, the same is even more true for solo sex. Think about it. How do you usually get down with yourself? On you back? Grinding a pillow? In the tub? Whatever it is, we tend not to spice things up too much when we’re alone, which is a shame, because we deserve amazing and exploratory sex from ourselves as well!

So next time you’re in the mood for some alone time, try to impress yourself with a new position. Here’s some of our favorites, that we took the liberty of naming :)

(Note: Position are described from the perspective of someone with a vulva, but each of these positions is also more than amazing with the aid of a penis toy or simply your hands and some nice lube).

The Invisible Pony

Think of this as cowgirl but without a partner. Instead, grab a pillow or a rolled up blanket and mount it, elevating your pelvis and putting yourself in the perfect position to grind, while stimulating yourself with either a toy, your hands or even just the pressure of the pillow. This can be an amazing (!!) position for external clit toys, as the pressure from the pillow will help spread out the pleasure.

Recommended toys: Anything from our grinding toy selection, like the Kushi or Touch


Against The Wall

Having sex against a wall is something that often looks better in movies, however, masturbating up against the wall is a great way to make yourself weak in the knees. With your back to the wall, you have an all-access pass to your body, so let your hands roam free. Turning yourself around, to push your front flat, is a great way to tap into any ‘doing it against the wall’ fantasies you might have. You also might enjoy using a suctioned dildo and sticking it to the wall, at a height that actually suits you ;)

Recommended toys: Purple Rain or Summer Fling are awesome suction dildos.

Curl Up With a Good Vibe

Like watching porn on your laptop? This is your position! Crawl into bed, set up your favorite film (need some recommendations? We’ve got plenty!) and curl up like you would if you were spooning. You can place a pillow between your knees if it’s more comfortable. Get hands-on or grab a toy and settle in for a pretty cozy time.


Recommended toys: With your legs in a more closed position, the direct, external stimulation of the Sona can be a real brain melter. 


Nips + Bits

Take the time to pleasure yourself all over. Imagine you were with a partner that ignored the whole rest of your body, you’d be pretty unimpressed. It’s the same when you’re alone! Too often we just go for the gold and focus on producing an orgasm, rather than enjoying the journey. Take time to pinch and pleasure your nipples and clit at the same time, it will feel like you invited some friends to the party ;)

Recommended toys: Try some Nip Clips to extend the feeling, along with, literally anything! But a rabbit, like the Nova 2, has the added benefit of being left in place and letting both your hands wonder for a moment.

Howdy Stranger

You may not want to do this the whole time, but it is very worth adding into the mix. It’s so simple, we weren’t sure it warranted its own cute name, but here it is… use your other hand. That’s it. You’ll be shocked at how unfamiliar this can feel. Like taking a different route when you walk home from work, simply using your other hand will stimulate your brain in brand new ways.

Recommended toys: Nada. Just your hands.

The Brazilian

If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure (lol) of getting a Brazilian wax, you’ll be familiar with this position (don’t worry, we promise this is much more enjoyable). Basically, just hop onto all fours. It’s doggie-style with a better name. This can also be a good position for watching porn, but you might get a slight crick in your neck. If your arms get tired, try going between this position and the Invisible Pony. Adding some motion to your routine can be a great turn on as well.

Recommended toys: This can be a really great position for a vibe with a long handle, like a wand. 


So next time you’re in the mood for (self) love, ask yourself “wanna try something new?”. And then blow your own damn mind :)