Pure Pleasure With Njoy

Pure Pleasure With Njoy

It’s been a long time coming—we’ve read the floods of DMs, begging for us to stock these—so steel yourselves for this super special new product alert. That’s right, we’ve got two new stainless steel toys from Njoy!

This company has rightfully earned a place in the upper echelons of the sex toy industry. Njoy defines its mission as creating products for ‘pure fun’, and the quality and craftsmanship of their toys is pretty much unmatched in the stainless steel category. All their toys are cast in 316-grade stainless steel and hand-polished, so they’re as smooth, shiny and beautiful as can be. Just so you know, this is medical-grade steel, resistant to both superficial nicks and scratches, and corrosion over time. Just like a surgical implant, these toys are designed to last a really, really long time

The Pure Wand weighs in at an impressive one and a half pounds. Eight inches long with seven insertable inches, its gently graduated curvature is smaller at one end, and heavier at the other, and lends itself to a unique purpose we'll touch on in a few. Vaguely resembling a septum ring, each end of the wand is capped with a perfectly round, heavy barbell, perfectly shaped for g-spot and p-spot stimulation. You can use either end, depending on your body and your preferences. This wand can also double as a back massager with a little bod oil.

The Pure Plug is also pretty formidable at seven ounces—that’s a little less than half a pound. If you regularly enjoy anal play, and have already tried a larger, heavier plug like the Icicle No. 25, then this is definitely worth trying. We carry the Medium size, which is 1.25” at its widest and has an insertable depth of 2.5”. All Njoy plugs are sold under the tagline, ‘These shine where the sun don’t!’, and it couldn’t be more true (or more perfect).

Stainless steel is naturally cool to the touch, but very temperature sensitive, so if you like to play with different temperatures and sensations, these toys are sure to heat things up (or cool you down). Both the Pure Wand and Plug can be cooled in the refrigerator (not the freezer) or in cold water, and will warm to your body temperature as you play. On the other end of the spectrum, they can also be warmed, but only in warm water—you can’t microwave metal, let alone a metal sex toy! Make sure to test the temperature on your wrist or inner thigh, and be careful not to burn any delicate genital or anal skin.

Like we said before, these toys are heavy. Like, probably heavier than anything you’ve put in there before. The bigger Chakrubs wands are similar in this respect, but one thing that’s particularly special is the heavier weighted ends. Both the Pure Wand and Plug are heavier on one end. While the Pure Plug should be used with its built-in handle, the Pure Wand can be sat on, hands-free, and taken for a seriously sensational ride. Many people like to ‘rock’ the Pure Wand back and forth, rather than a thrusting motion, to create a sensation that even toys with all the bells and whistles just can’t match. Many have happily reported they found their g-spots and p-spots for the very first time with this toy, or discovered female ejaculation, a.k.a. squirting.

Like glass, stainless steel is non-porous, meaning it’s sanitary and easy to clean, and temperature-sensitive. Both of these toys can safely be used with any lube you wantwater-based, oil, silicone, you name it. To care for your new Njoy Pure Wand or Plug, we recommend a dip in some soapy water, a rinse and a pat dry. You can also safely boil these toys for extra-squeaky cleanness. One thing though, never use abrasive cleaners—not only are they unsafe for your body, but they’re basically Kryptonite for stainless steel toys!

Last but not least: These premium toys are sold at a higher price point than many other dildos and plugs, but at $120 USD, the Pure Wand qualifies for our 24/7 free shipping promotion. (Pro tip: A Pure Plug and a 100ml bottle of Uberlube will get you there, too.)


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