Glow On | Orgasms as Skincare


Move over, Glossier. There’s a completely all natural, totally free and super fun way to get a healthy, dewy glow to your skin, no special products required. What is this miracle method? You guessed it: Orgasms.

Orgasms are the gift that keeps on giving. Besides feeling amazing in the moment, orgasms can help you reduce anxiety, sleep better, boost your oxytocin levels, relieve menstrual pain and, as it turns out,  give you healthy, glowing skin. We all know that after a good roll in the sheets or some high-quality alone time, an orgasm (or two) can bring on a rosy glow, similar to the flush you’d get after going for a run. As it turns out for some, increasing the number of orgasms you have can actually have a greater, longer-lasting effect on your skin.

Sounds nice, right? So how does it work?

Chill Out

Anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin knows that inflammation, be it from stress, eating certain foods or certain times in your cycle, is no friend to your skin. One of the major causes of inflammation is a release of cortisol (your stress hormone). And how do combat cortisol? With oxytocin! And what releases oxytocin? Orgasms! Less inflammation means a more even skin tone, less puffiness and fewer breakouts.

Get Some Air

You know how babies have those firm, juicy cheeks you just want to pinch? That bounciness is caused by collagen, the main structural protein in our skin. Once we hit 30 our skin’s natural collagen levels begin to steadily decrease (bye bye, baby face) and that’s when slight sagging and wrinkles start to creep in. We love a good laugh line or crinkly eye, but there’s no shame in wanting boost your skin’s collagen production. And one of the best, most fun ways to do that is to have an orgasm, because it gets your blood flowing!

A rush of oxygen-rich blood to the skin’s surface can increase cell turnover and is a great way to encourage collagen production. It’s also a good reminder that one of the best ways to protect the collagen you’ve got, is to always wear sunscreen. But you already knew that and sunscreen is less fun to talk about than orgasms.

Just Let Go

A lot of us show a great deal of our stress right there on our faces. Squinting, furrowing your brow and tightening your mouth in an ‘I can’t believe you actually just said that’ kind of way can have a lasting effect on our skin. Think of it like folding and refolding a piece of paper, causing deeper and deeper creases. When the rest of our muscles get tense, we tend to rub them or take a warm bath to try and relax them. But you can ease the muscles in your face as well. While the actual act of sex or masturbation can increase the tension in the muscles in your face (don’t worry, everyone’s sex face is funny) the after effect of having an orgasm causes all of those muscles to just completely release.

Sweat It Out

Or skin is our body’s largest organ, but in certain people it can be one of the laziest organs as well. Meaning that it can need a real kickstart to do its job from time to time. Other than keeping our bodies protected, our skin also helps us with temperature control and excretion of toxins, both via perspiration. A good sweat not only stimulates lymphatic drainage, it also releases a natural antibiotic called Dermcidin onto the skin’s surface. However, leaving a layer of sweat on your skin too long can clog your pores. Give yourself a moment to enjoy the afterglow, but make sure to give your face a good rinse before dozing off.

Give It A Shot

If you read about a brand new face mask or superfood that promised brighter, glowier skin, you’d probably give it a go, no? So why not grab a partner or a toy (or both!) and try an orgasm spa treatment? We double dog dare you to have an orgasm every day for a month to see the positive effect on your skin. Best case scenario, you have an amazing youthful aura about you that everyone keeps complimenting. Worst case scenario, you lower your stress levels, get some great sleep and boost your happy hormones. Sounds like some pretty low risk fun to us.

Have a tough time orgasming or have never had one? No worries, you’re not ‘broken’ and you’re far from alone. Read up here for some helpful info.