Everyone Loves the Ohnut

If you suffer from pelvic or vaginal pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Not just physically, but emotionally. Aside from the physical pain, difficulty having sex can lead to emotional distress and distance between partners. Sufferers often struggle to get the recognition they need from their doctor, and one in ten women will suffer from painful sex in her lifetime. On average, a person with, say, endometriosis can wait up to ten years—yep, a decade—suffering with pain and painful sex before getting diagnosed.

Enter the Ohnut. According to designer Emily Sauer, this one-of-a-kind, Kickstarter-funded intimate wearable allows couples to explore different penetration depths during sex. Sauer herself had suffered from dyspareunia (the general, medical term for painful sex) for 10 years when she decided to join forces with a team to design the soft, body-safe wearable.

Sold as a set of four stretchy, stackable rings, the Ohnut is made with an FDA-approved body-safe polymer blend free of BPAs, phtalates and latex. Whether for those with shallow vaginal depths, menopausal dryness, endometriosis, vaginismus, vulvodynia, postpartum sensitivity or one of many other common conditions, the Ohnut allows for a custom and much more comfortable sexual experience.

To use the Ohnut, simply slip the rings one at a time over the shaft of the penis, all the way to the base. Same goes for a dildo or strap-on, and the rings can easily hold a condom in place. The Ohnut can be used with water or silicone-based lube, but not oil. It’s pretty easy to clean (regular soap and water), but the manufacturer recommends that you don’t use it with multiple partners, just in case.

For penis owners, the Ohnut fits snugly (‘like a hug’, say the designers) and is meant to mimic the sensation of full penetration. Apart from the feeling, wearers can have sex freely with more confidence, without having to worry about thrusting too deeply and hurting their partner. For the vagina owner, the Ohnut just feels soft and stretchy, not unlike skin. It’s worn so close to the body that most—once they get going—don’t even notice it’s there.

The Ohnut can work for everyone, not just those who suffer from chronic pelvic pain. For trans women who've just had gender confirmation surgery, and are going through post-op dilation therapy, the Ohnut can really help ease into things. For those experimenting with anal who want to control the depth, it's amazing for that, too.

While the Ohnut is not a cure for pain or sexual dysfunction, or intended as a replacement for medical treatment, we think it’s such an amazing, supportive and cool tool. We love anything that makes sex feel more comfy, less intimidating and fun for all involved!

Order the Ohnut today! 🍩✨