Silk Restraints of Your Dreams

$ 32.00

We've created the restraints of our dreams! These ties are made of incredibly beautiful silk and heavyweight stainless hardware. They may look and feel delicate, but feel free to tug, twist and pull to your heart's desire. We designed them to be open to your imagination. They fit any size body and can be tied any number of ways. Try simply tying a bow cuff around each of your lover's wrists (or ankles) with each end of the ties or get creative. It even makes a gorgeous choker necklace or hair-tie, if you like to take your toys out on the town ;) 

You can get either the single restraint or you can add a second piece (without hardware) to use as a blindfold or extra tie. 

Have so much fun! 

  • Silk
  • Stitched to heavy stainless ring
  • Handmade in Montreal
  • Either side has two 26" x 1 1/4" strands
  • Blindfold/extra tie is 52" x 2"


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