Stuff Your Stocking | Our Favorite Pint-Sized Treats

We all know that bigger isn't always better, and the same goes for gifts. Small toys are great for partner play, travel or just stashing away easily. Don't judge these toys by their size, some of them pack a real wallop, while others are nice and gentle.                                                    


Kip is a sleek, versatile vibrator with a strong rumbly motor. The ergonomic shape of the Kip makes it easy to hold, and it can give you broad or targeted stimulation. The pointy tip is great if you enjoy pinpointed stimulation, while the broad, cupped head is perfect for enveloping vibrations! 



Say hello to the cutest little suction toy around! The VeDo Suki is designed to be easily held between your fingers and nestle into the palm of your hand. Suki provides intense clitoral stimulation through the suction component, but also vibrates. This is a great toy for partnered sex, as its ergonomic shape can fit easily between bodies. Suki is a lot more powerful than its small size suggests, so it's good to start out on the lowest setting and take some time to get used to the sensation. 


Candy Rimmer 

What a cutie lil' booty toy! This teeny tiny rimmer is no bigger than your thumb and perfect for exploring anal play with a partner or solo. Its shape lets you tease and explore without needing to be inserted all the way, like a bigger plug (but you totally can!). The handy little loop is what makes it so ideal for partnered play because you can easily manipulate it, even if you can't see what you're doing. This might just be our latest obsession :) 


Tenga Eggs

Variety is the spice of life! Each Tenga egg features a different textured interior, making each use a playful exploration. These silky masturbation sleeves can either be used solely on the head or stretch to pull down over most shafts. 


When you first look at the Tango it's hard to understand the (extreme) hype. It's a simple, firm, little lipstick shaped vibrator. But those who've tried it know that it's so SO much more! The Tango ranks in top toy lists for pretty much every reviewer and enthusiast out there for its deep, powerful rumbles in a bullet with pinpoint pressure. Don't listen to us, go Google 'We-Vibe Tango reviews', we'll be here when you're ready. 


The Eva II

While its design may be confounding at first, it's actually ingenious. This toy was created by the women at Dame, to be worn, hands-free, during penetrative sex but is equally awesome solo in the tub or tucked into your underwear. The little arms are bendy and tuck inside the lips of the outer labia to hold the vibe in place.


Le Wand Bullet

How gorgeous are these toys?! As powerful as they are attractive, and boy oh boy are they ever both! The entire body is made of body-safe metal with 2 removable silicone texture attachments. This bullet comes in two sizes- one is small enough to stay out of the way while delivering rumbly vibrations, and the Grand Bullet is compact but large enough to double as an insertable toy. Made by Le Wand, these bullets pack a punch far bigger than their stature.


Rabbit Bullet

Rabbit vibrators can be big and tricky. Enter this cute little rabbit bullet- the ears are fluttery, but with a strong rumbly vibration. You can press the base of the ears against your body for deep, intense vibration, or run the ears along your body for a lighter rumble.



Mimi is a sleek, pebble shaped vibrator. The smooth shape of Mimi nestles perfectly into the palm of your hand, making it easy to use and to slide between bodies. Despite Mimi's small size, it delivers Je Joue's signature powerful, deep vibrations. Mimi is a great external vibe, but feel free to explore and run it along your nipples, thighs, or anywhere else you can dream up! 


Gaia Bullet

A new take on an old classic. While the Gaia is essentially a simple (yet strong) bullet-style vibrator, it also happens to be the world’s first environmentally friendly sex toy—it's made from eco-plastic and is compostable and recyclable. Incredibly cost-effective (!!), easy to use and adorable, this is a perfect beginner toy for someone looking for a slim, firm stimulation.