How to Use the Famous Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is one of the most famous dildos around, and rightfully so! Read on to find out what we love so much about this curved beauty and some tips on how to use it. 

Njoy has earned a place in the upper echelons of the sex toy industry. They've defined their mission as creating products for ‘pure fun’, and the quality and craftsmanship of their toys is pretty much unmatched in the stainless steel category. All their toys are cast in 316-grade stainless steel and hand-polished, so they’re as smooth, shiny and beautiful as can be. Just so you know, this is medical-grade steel, resistant to both superficial nicks and scratches, and corrosion over time. The surgical steel these toys are made from is designed to last a really, really long time.

Weighing in at one and a half pounds, it's probably heavier than anything you’ve inserted before. It’s eight inches long (with seven insertable inches) and dramatically curved in a half-circle shape. Its gently graduated curvature is smaller at one end, and heavier at the other. Each end is fitted with a large, perfectly round bulb, one larger than the other.

While the dramatic shape of the Pure Wand can be intimidating, it’s surprisingly intuitive to use. Here's some tips on how you might want to use it:

  • Select whichever end is the size you'd like to try and insert it with the ball facing forwards (towards your belly button).
  • Rather than thrusting, like with a typical dildo, try to gentle apply pressure to the other end of the toy, it will move the internal ball forward (like a teeter totter!) and apply pressure to the g or p-spot. 
  • Many people report having the best luck with ‘rocking’ the Pure Wand back and forth at this point. 
  • Take your time and stimulate yourself elsewhere as you warm up.
  • The shape does a lot of the work for you, with the bulb quickly nestling into the right spot when you slide it in.I
  • It's normal for it to feel a bit boring and awkward for a few seconds, but once it ‘clicks’, you’ll know.
The smaller end is a good introduction to the Pure Wand, but I find the inserting the larger end is the way to go. The broader surface of the large barbell makes your g-spot or p-spot nearly impossible to miss, and the sensation of the larger bulb makes even the smallest movements feel reeeeally intense. Of course, every body is different, and it’s always smart to start small and see what feels comfortable.

If you’ve never found your g-spot or p-spot and are trying to, you almost surely will with the Pure Wand. However, it is an investment toy, so if you’re interested in g-spot stimulation but aren’t sure if it’s for you, we recommend trying a smaller, more affordable g-spotter like the Crystal Wand to make sure it’s your thing before investing in a Pure Wand. Similarly, if you're interested in squirting, the Pure Wand is your best bet to get you there, but it isn't possible or enjoyable for everyone. If you already know you love to squirt or make your partner squirt, you'll love the Pure Wand.

Stainless steel is naturally cool to the touch but very temperature sensitive, so if you like to play with different temperatures and sensations, this toy sure to heat things up (or cool you down). The Pure Wand can be cooled in the refrigerator (not the freezer) or in cold water and will warm to your body temperature as you play. On the other end of the spectrum, they can also be warmed, but only in warm water—you can’t microwave metal, let alone a metal sex toy! Make sure to test the temperature on your wrist or inner thigh before inserting it, and be careful not to burn any delicate genital or anal skin.

Like glass, stainless steel is non-porous, meaning it’s sanitary and easy to clean, and temperature-sensitive. Both of these toys can safely be used with any lube you want—water-based, oil, silicone, you name it. To care for your new Njoy Pure Wand or Plug, we recommend a dip in some soapy water, a rinse and a pat dry. You can also safely boil these toys for extra-squeaky cleanness. One thing though, never use abrasive cleaners—not only are they unsafe for your body, but they’re basically Kryptonite for stainless steel toys!

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