Our Featured Favorites Under $50

Go ahead and treat yourself! We've created a little roundup of our featured favorites under $50. We've included not only our favorite wallet-friendly sex toys, but a few mood setters and treats as well.

The Iroha Mini

The Iroha Mini is our favorite low to medium intensity palm sized vibe. We love this toy because it's bath-proof, adorable, easy to handle and at $28, a great deal.

The Glass Collection

We love a glass toy, and each piece in our glass collection is beautiful enough to display on your bedside table. Each piece is hand blown and has a nice, heavy weight to it. We love these toys because they're super smooth and warm up to your body temperature. Try the Glass Wand at $28 or the Icicle plugs at $32 (or both!). Our Crystal Wands are $29, made from a beautiful tinted glass, and have a curve and weight that's just right for g-spot stimulation.


You guys adore the Gaia as much as we do. It's fast become our best seller and is constantly flying off the (digital) shelves. Looks like a simple pocket rocket, so what's so great about it? At its core, it's a totally simple vibe with a good rumble and adjustable settings, BUT the bonus is that the Gaia is recyclable or compostable, and is made out of environmentally friendly bio-plastic.  Pretty impressive for a $14 toy! If you're looking for something smaller, the Gaia Mini is a cute little bullet that comes in at only $9.

Nox Candles

We thought long and hard about what candles we wanted in the shop, and ended up making our own to be sure they're perfect! Our candles come in two scents designed to get you in the mood, and at $32, they're affordable enough to keep lit whenever you feel like! All of our candles are free of parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates, and handpoured in Montreal.

Mood Setters

Need to chill out or set the mood? Our collection of mood setters are perfect for a solo relaxation or a sensual night with a partner. Province Apothecary's Lovers Oil is perfect for giving (yourself) a relaxing massage, and while Momotaro's Salve is perfect for soothing external vaginal irritation, it feels luxurious on any part of the body. Both are under $40, and if you add a candle to the mix you'll have the perfect evening planned.