Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2

$ 50.00 USD

If you're like us, you look at this toy for the first time and ask yourself "What does that thing do?" but the real question is, what doesn't it do! This is like the multi-tool of sex toys. Satisfyer claims there are 14 ways to use it, but why limit yourself!? There are almost too many things to try with this toy so we'll just name some faves; 

  • The arms are very bendy and work amazing for pinch-y vibration, whether that's on your clit or your nips or anywhere else that likes a gentle pinch. 
  • It can be worn on the penis (though isn't going to squeeze like a c-ring) and provides vibrations all the way around. Point the larger part towards to scrotum for masturbation or up for partnered sex. Or try it just around the scrotum for a rumbly treat. 
  • The underside of the u-shape has a slightly bumpy tongue texture (way better than it sounds!) and feels amazing rubbed just about anywhere. 
  • There are two separate motors, so you can use the u-shape or the arms or both! 


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