Go with the Flow | Orgasms on Your Period

What if we told you that when it comes to sex, your period is actually your friend?

No, seriously—stay with us for a sec. If our menstrual cycles can have an effect on our moods, our sleep patterns and our cravings for sugar/salt/fat/whatever, it stands to reason that it can also affect our sex drives, and even the intensity of our orgasms.

During the first half of your cycle, ovulation, your estrogen levels are on the rise. While estrogen prepares the ovaries to release an egg, it also has the pleasurable side effect of increasing sexual desire. Many people report that their orgasms are most intense during ovulation, and actually, the heightened position of the cervix can lead some deeper-impact positions, like doggy style, to feel even better than usual. Right before your period, your body produces more cervical fluid—up to 20 times more!—that serves as a convenient, all-natural lubricant.

Post-ovulation, your estrogen levels drop (boo), but there are benefits to sex and masturbation on your period, too. While progesterone, the hormone produced by the ovaries at this stage, can actually decrease your sexual desire, there’s a ton of other stuff going on down there that can lead to mega-pleasurable orgasms.

In effect, an orgasm is the body’s way of releasing the pressure that builds up as a result of increased blood flow to the genitals. While that may sound cold and clinical, look at it this way—during your period, the flow of blood to those areas is dramatically increased, so the quality and intensity of your orgasms can be increased, too. That’s some pretty hot stuff.

During your period, your breasts, nipples and vagina are all more sensitive than usual, meaning you may not need as much stimulation as usual to achieve an orgasm. One study has shown that the clitoris may actually expand in size during the latter half of the menstrual cycle, though more research is needed to find out whether this increases sensitivity.

On top of that, having orgasms during your period can make it shorter overall, and your cramps a lot more tolerable. During orgasm, your uterus contracts, shedding its lining and prostaglandins (cells related to your period cramps) and your body releases a surge of oxytocin and endorphins, both natural pain relievers. On the downside, some positions may be more uncomfortable, because the cervix is now lower and prone to getting bumped by fingers, toys or penises. This can make your cramps more painful, so we recommend taking it slow.

While some people—you know who—are turned off by period blood, it’s totally harmless as a substance and like your cervical fluid, can work as a natural lubricant. Tell your partner how nice and slippy it feels for you! If they’re still squeamish, try having sex in the shower—no need for lube, and the excess blood will just flow down the drain. (Remember, you can still get pregnant on your period, and the risk of contracting an STD is actually higher while you’re bleeding, so use protection if need be!)

If you're feeling some irritation during your period or just want to give your vagina a little extra love, Momotaro's tonic and salve provide gentle relief from irritation and discomfort. 

For some, mess and pain are still concerns even during solo play, and that’s totally OK. If you don’t want to remove your tampon or menstrual cup, you can still focus on your clitoris, and still have some stronger-than-usual orgasms in the process! Try using a bullet like the Gaia, a smaller vibe like the Iroha Mini, or a no-contact toy like the Lelo Sona. If you’re with a partner, a finger vibe like the Yumi is awesome, because it leaves your partner’s other hand (and mouth!) free to roam.

If you’re into pain as pleasure, be more careful during your period. Your pain threshold is at its weakest when estrogen levels are low—so if you wouldn’t get a bikini wax on your period, you may want to think twice about engaging in BDSM play! As always, listen to your body, pick your partners wisely and make sure you have a safe word.

So, if you can’t beat your period, why not join it for some seriously powerful orgasms? Especially if you normally have a hard time coming to orgasm, masturbating or having sex during your period might help you get there. If blood and discomfort are difficult for you, there’s no shame in that, either—the most important thing is that you feel free to choose, free of any embarrassment and safe to experiment. Put a towel down and go to town!