Womanizer Liberty

$ 99.00

You can only stay mad at a product's brand name for so long when it delivers like a Womanizer. This toy is the original 'oral sex simulator', using Pleasure Air Technology to give direct and intense clitoral stimulation, and it's had a huge redesign into its current beautiful form. With its slightly wider nozzle, it's a great Sona alternative for anyone taking testosterone who may have experienced some growth or just for anyone who likes a bit more of a broad, squishy sensation. It's also small, at just 4" long, making it a great option for including in partner play, but as the company's hashtag suggests, it's incredible solo #screamyourownname 

  • Silicone & ABS plastic (plastic on the exterior of toy)
  • 4" x 2.2"
  • Comes with protective lid
  • USB charging
  • 6 intensities   

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