Self-Care and your Sex Life

A healthy, full life comes from the practice of self-care. Nox is your online space for whole sexual wellness. Whether reading a book, burning a candle, taking a bath or engaging in a little self-love, take the time in your daily routine to look after your needs. Put your comfort and well-being first. 
Self-care & sex—be it with yourself or a partner—reduces stress, promotes comfort,  creates confidence, and adds to a sense of wellness.
Shouldn’t we all strive for a more intimate relationship with ourselves?
Because no two people are the same, self-care can mean a lot of different things. Nox offers a curated selection of personal care products, mood-setters and toys for all women, non-binary individuals and couples. We understand that not every woman is looking for a phallus (and that not every woman has a vagina). We're confident that our products are objects you’d be proud to display on your nightstand.
 At Nox you can shop by Care, Mood and Toys and this is very much on purpose. We find that each of these elements play an important role in exploring your sexuality. Maybe for you it’s not about toys, but instead about experiencing new scents or sensations, about setting a mood.
And that’s OK—at Nox, your tastes and desires don’t need to be mutually exclusive.
We want to hear from you, to help lead us towards what you want to discover. We hope you’ll join us in changing the conversations around sex and self-care.