Dame Products

Dame Eva II

$ 122 $ 135

The Eva by Dame Products is known as the sex toy that crowdsourced over a half a million dollars and it's easy to see what makes it so unique. Honestly, have you ever seen a vibrator that looks like this?! While its design may be confounding at first, it's actually ingenious. This toy was created by the women at Dame, to be worn, hands-free, during penetrative sex but is equally awesome solo in the tub or tucked into your underwear.

The little arms are bendy and tuck inside the lips of the outer labia to hold the vibe in place, because of this, this toy is best suited for people with a larger labia majora. The fact that the toy stays put, once tucked in, also makes it an amazing choice for people who have limited mobility (where manipulating a toy might be difficult or impossible). This is the newest version of Eva, which they reworked to be smaller, lighter and waterproof. We're impressed :)


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