Sola Sync Remote Controlled Wand

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There are a lot of wands on the market, some even have cult status (rhymes with 'watachi') but we waited until we found a design we really adored before adding one to the shop. The Sola Sync is not only cuter than your average "back massager" but it's also an incredibly thoughtful design with a seriously impressive rumble(!).

The head is smaller than you might find on another wand and was designed to incorporate 'high powered wand action' easily into partnered play, without taking up too much space.The super long, curved arm allows you to reach all your favorite spots with ease and the external remote means you can just lay back and chill (and is a godsend to people with mobility issues). The external remote can also be used up to 40 ft away. Do what you will with that info ;~)  

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