We're Really, Really Feeling Snazzy

We're Really, Really Feeling Snazzy

Every now and then, a new toy comes along and changes the game. When it comes to external vibrators, it’s a wide and overwhelming world, with more shapes, sizes, speeds and patterns than you can shake a stick at.

In recent years, many companies have created toys designed to ‘hug’ the clit, with two tips—varyingly described as ‘prongs’, ‘arms’, ‘ears’ or ‘ticklers’— that you position around the clitoris. Many people need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, so this distinctive kind of design is a good thing in principle.

The thing is, this style of toy is best suited for those with a clitoris, and can be difficult to use on any other genital or body part. Not exactly ergonomic, you know? And they aren’t always intuitive to hold or use, either.

This is where the Snazzy comes in. We usually avoid baby pink toys because—well, it’s usually a ‘lady marketing’ thing and is no guarantee of quality—but who cares about the color when the vibes are this good? Far from feeling like a foreign object, this incredible vibe blends with the body for a very natural-feeling sensory experience.

In the Toyfriend family of vibes from Tickler, Snazzy is Shaped like an oval and made to be held in one hand. It's made of ABC plastic coated with velvety, skin-soft silicone. On one end, there are two lip-like ridges, snug enough to hug the clit, labia, nipples, perianal or scrotal skin, the shaft or head of the penis. Now that is what we call intuitive design—something that anyone can use, according to their body, their mood and their preferences! The controls are easy, too—power, + and – buttons that deliver four sweet vibration patterns.

If you don’t like this kind of targeted ‘hugging’ stimulation, or prefer something more indirect, Snazzy has you covered there, too. Simply rotate the vibe in  your hand—a slight turn from the ridges, and there’s a broad side you can lay flat against your body, great for squishing things around and massaging, gently or with more pressure. Flip it vertically on the end with the button controls, and the rounded end can be used externally too, or even nudged inside the vaginal or anal opening. Basically any way you use this thing, it feels amazing.

Snazzy comes with a USB charger that works with your laptop or any generic charging block, which makes it a convenient and super-reliable travel vibe. Unscrew it at the middle, plug in and charge anywhere you like—it barely looks like a vibrator in this state! It’s also fully waterproof when the two ends are screwed back together, so you can take it in the bath or shower as you please. It’s washable with soap and water, and comes with a velvet bag for discreet, dust-free storage and a one-year warranty.

So, what do you think? Ready to give this truly user-friendly, ergonomic vibe a spin? 


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