8 Ways to Use the MultiFun 2

8 Ways to Use the MultiFun 2

It would be pretty foolish of us, as retailers of a super nice variety of toys, to tell you that this sex toy can pretty much do it all, but here we are. The new Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2 is the swiss army knife of vibrators, as far we’re concerned. There are many toys designed for vulvas that feel great on penises (like the We-Vibe Touch) and there are some vibrating cock rings that will work great as a finger vibe (like the Drive), but this is the first time we’ve seen a toy equally designed for any body. Now Satisfyer claims there are exactly 14 ways to use this toy, but why limit yourselves?! Use your imagination with this U shaped wonder, wrap it around your parts, pinch, squeeze and play (just don't pull the arms far apart, it's not a turkey wishbone!) Here are our top 8 ways to use the MultiFun 2;

1) As a Little Pincher

The Multifun 2 is shaped like a U with the ends coming nice and close together. The gap is the perfect size to gently grab onto nipples or clits and give a little vibrating squeeze. This toy has two separate motors, so you can choose to turn on just the pinch-y end or have both going at the same time.

2) As a Stroking Tongue

Now if a clitoral oral sex simulation is what you’re really after you may prefer a Satisfyer Pro Traveler or a Sona BUT as far as mimicking the feeling of a broad flat tongue goes, the Multifun is pretty, well, fun. The underside of the flat U part of the toy has teeny tiny bumps like a tongue and along with some water-based lube feels pretty darn nice.



3) As a Penis Vibrator

Now there are more than a couple of ways to use this toy on the penis but here is a great way, if you’re rolling solo. Place the penis through the U opening with the flat portion facing down and back. Now stroke the penis with one hand while following it with the toy in the other hand. You want to squeeze it a little so the vibrations are surrounding the penis. You’re welcome.

4) As a Vibrating “Cock Ring”/ Hands-Free Penetrative Sex Toy

We put cock ring in quotations here because it’s not going to act exactly like a cock ring. It won’t squeeze the penis tightly or restrict any blood flow. But it will surround the penis and scrotum and stay in place during penetrative sex. You can either have the U facing up on down and may want to favor positions where it is squeezed between you both (ie: With the wearer on the bottom). This is a great option if you’re interested in the Eva II but know that it won’t stay put with your anatomy.

5) As an External Clit Vibe

Either end of the toy are wonderful in this scenario. If you’re alone, flipping between more direct vibrations and pinches from the arm end and then broader rumbly pressure from the U end makes it feel like you’ve got a few toys on the. For clitoral stimulation during partnered sex, pinching the clitoris allows for lots of sensation, without getting in the way.

6) As a Perineum/Scrotum Vibe

This adds a real punch to your next self-love session. You’re able to leave you penis to your hands while having your testicles and perineum stimulated. Simply insert your scrotum through the U shape, facing either up or down, whichever suits you best.

7) As a Fully-Internal G-Spot Vibe

Now this will depend heavily on the location of your g-spot, as the arms aren’t super long. However if you have a slightly more shallow g-spot, these little curved arms can feel like a dream. Simply pinch them together and insert with the curve pointing towards your belly button.

8) As a Rabbit

Again this will depend very much on your anatomy. Turn the toy on its side and then insert only one of the arms while directing the other to your clitoris. You’re able to apply pressure externally as the arms are nice and bendy, while stimulating your g-spot. You can turn off the motor in the U portion for uses like this so your hand doesn’t go numb.

This is not a set it and forget it toy. The Multifun 2 is playful toy, perfect for people who like to mix it up and try new things. :)

Ready to try it? 
What option sounds the most fun to you? Let me know in the comments.

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