The Best Toys of the Year (According to You!)

It's that time of the year where 'best of 2018' lists start to pop up. And while a list made by a "specialist" is great, we have something a little more fun here. Below you'll find YOUR favorite sexy products of the year. We've compiled what you loved and, more importantly, why you loved it, with some amazing community reviews.

Let's get to it! 


You must think we're a broken record with how often we gush (pun intended) about this toy. But we're not the only ones in love;

"After reading a staff post about the Sona shooting another toy across the room, I was sold. Bahaha. It's actually so amazing!" (read the Staff Picks piece in question, here)  

"I just received my Sona and all I can say is Holy Fuck 😳 thank you thank you thank you." (you're welcome!)  

"The Sona. No words." (none needed)  

 "I bought a Sona a few months ago, and it has provided me some of the best orgasms ever! Full body experience! My roommates and I are in love with Nox, we're trying to collectively buy the whole site lol." (we love you too!)

At first glance, the Gaia seems like a cheap little pocket rocket. And while it's inexpensive, it's anything but basic. The world's first biodegradable vibe is made of cornstarch based bio-plastic and it packs a shockingly good rumble. 

"Ummm that Gaia?! Holy bang for your buck!!!" (kapow!)
"Hey, I bought a Gaia and honestly it changed the game for me! I chose it because it was my first time buying a vibrator and I didn't know if it would work for me so I didn't want to spend much money AND because I'm trying to live a low-impact life. It is now one of my favorite things in the world. 🙈" (sounds like a win-win!!)
" I bought my gf the eco vibe for her bday because her primary objective is reduced plastic waste and she (ok both of us) are in LOVE with it."
"I just wanted to shout out the eco vibe! i love that it's inexpensive and soooooo pretty. it's as chic as it is effective. thanks for the great product.
buzz buzz" (sharing is caring, so long as you're careful)
Glass Wand

A truly magical wand. This treasure has been adored by so many of you as a toy that can be used all over any body! So simple yet so ingenious. 

"I LOVE the icicle wand! I still can't believe such a high quality toy came so cheap, but this is becoming one of my all-time favourites. It was was the absolute perfect way to kick off date night tonight too. lol. 💘" (we love a date night in) 

"Y'alls Glass Wand is my prized possession!" (ours too!) 

"My partner and I are obsessed with the glass wand. We both use it, inside, outside, all over! So much fun!" (a healthy obsession indeed) 

"Thank you for the affordable beautiful toys you carry, like the glass wand. At first I needed to warm it under water but then I got really into the initial chill that quickly warmed to my body. Heaven." (👼) 


If there's an absolute favorite sex accessory in the shop, it's 100% Cuffies. You are all loving the stretchy, cute and just-tight-enough silicone cuffs with many of you pairing them with Silky Pleasure Rope from a truly wild night! 

"I bought my gf some cuffies after hunting for something kinky but cute and not painful. They've made things so much fun ;)" (yahoo!) 

"thank you for creating a friendly space to explore. i ordered some cuffs and a rabbit vibe and they've both been incredible and have made me feel excited about sex again. xo" (that's exactly what we're trying to do. thank YOU.) 

"How did these not exist before??!!!! WTF Cuffies are so perfect." (right?!) 



A sleeve that looks like a space-age sculpture, the Flex is as fun as it looks. Whether given as a loving gift or as a treat for yourselves, you've gotten such lovely messages about this innovative toy. 

"Thank you for introducing me to the Flex. I've always felt conflicted about the 'anatomical' design of toys like Fleshlights. They really didn't do it for me. This toy was aesthetic and felt amazing. Thank you again." (hurray! That's exactly why we chose it!) 

"I surprised my beau with a flex last time I had to travel for work. We like to video when I'm away and he said it made it so much more real and fun. Thanks for selling an actually cute sleeve toy." (real + fun = real fun) 

"This stroker is hotttttttt 🔥 (sizzle) 

"Oh man. The Flex is incredible. It's quite tight, in a good way, so you need a lot of lube but it feels so amazing. The neat textures inside are pretty unique (you can see them when you flip it inside out!). Masturbation taken to the next level. HA" (who knew there were even more levels of amazing?) 

 What was your top toy of 2018?