Staff Picks | Ellery | Logistics

We get so many DMs and emails about which products are "best", but there really is no 'one best product' for everyone. We do, however, have personal favorites. Meet Ellery, she's the powerhouse behind getting your orders out to you, without Ellery there is no Nox. So Ellery, what's in your top 5?

Pure Wand

The Pure Wand is one of the first toys I bought myself, and despite being a bit intimidated, it quickly became one of my all-time favorites. I find it really intuitive to use, its weight and shape guiding the way. Using the Pure Wand feels like treating yourself to something special- for me, it works best if you use it on yourself (rather than with a partner) and really take your time with it. I find starting with the smaller end and working up to the larger end works amazing. 

When I recently wanted to hang a painting and couldn’t find a hammer, I used my Pure Wand to hammer a nail into the wall!—it’s really heavy, and really indestructible. 

Satisfyer Plugs

These plugs really feel as great as they look. For someone who’s indecisive, having a varied set to fit every mood is perfect. They’re super soft and easy to use, and the two pink plugs with multiple balls allow even more variety. I love that these are safe to use with an oil-based lube— I love to use them with the Foria Awaken, an honorable mention for my favorite Nox products.


For me, this is the summer of the Sona. If I’m not using it, I’m likely recommending it or making an excuse to sing its praises (seriously, I can’t have a conversation without bringing it up!). I keep it charged obsessively and have offered to buy it for friends. 

As other staff picks and customer reviews have demonstrated, the Sona universally obsessed over, but before trying it I really wasn’t prepared for this thing. It’s intense in a way that’s difficult to describe, but like others have noted, its “waves” are completely unique and feel enveloping. While the Sona can be intense and a bit of a learning curve, the vibration patterns it offers are super helpful in allowing yourself to get used to the sonic waves. 


Uberlube is one of the most versatile products we carry in the shop. I use it in my hair on humid days in Montreal, on my skin when the weather gets cold and dry, and obviously, as lube. I end up reaching for Uberlube multiple times a day. It’s really, reeeeally long lasting, and I find it really gentle on sensitive skin. 

Silk Restraints of your Dreams 

These silky restraints look beautiful and delicate but are a lot sturdier than they appear. They can be tied really tightly while still being gentle on skin, and look beautiful enough that I hang mine on the wall.